Thursday, March 3, 2011


today's facebook is full with posts that are scolding about my uni~
stupid system
stupid rules

Safety Units are having spotcheck on students these few days

dye hair =RM20 THIS IS THE most RIDICULOUS ONE....!!!!!
not wearing lanyard with matric card = RM20
proper formal(means must not be body hugging, skirt over knee lenght etc) or else, pay
footwear must be covering toe or else, pay
(not all high heels ll cover up our toes de mar.....isssshhhh....)

hostel :
photocopied books = pay
hair dryer= pay

forbidden to dye hair is the most ridiculous rule ~~~
we r university students...not little kids....
dyeing hair is not smthg illegal
it's something to make us looks nicer, presentable
so, what's wrong with it?
how can u impose such stupid rule....

1 comment:

daph said...

f--king hell. bl--dy schooling systems imposed on adult. and what the hell?! hair dryer all penalty?!