Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bumbu Bali

a simple blog...
 cause I m too stress out now... back to uni d...T.T for the preparation of the upcoming LAWASIA moot competition.... why LAAAaaa I made the decision to participate in it last semester...XD
anyway, Bumbu Bali at Bandar Puteri~ 
heard lots of good comment about their food and decided to go for a try...

spaghetti with grilled chicken

chicken chop n fries~

 shadow of him^^

the food are indeed nice but the prices are kind of expensive~
I shall try other dishes of theirs next time since we were kind of like in a rush for a late lunch that day=)

anyway, perm my hair last week when I went back to Muar^^ 
wavy loose curls~~~~~~ =DDDDDD

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

weekend with the famileee^^

well, as a KLrian.. Genting isn't a place which is unfamiliar to me=)
a random weekend outing with my dear family^^
just to enjoy the cooling weather and to relax
had my dinner at Nyonya Colours... used to see this shop crowded with ppl at the I Utama outlet..
indeed their kueh muih are not bad^^

nthg much to do there~ for adults, they ll spend their time in the casino... since I am not fond of gambling (as I sayang my $$$ damn much n dare not take any risk) + bro is still underage, we went for shopping and looking at those kids who scream while riding the roller coaster XD
went for a late nite show=120am
we watched TOTAL RECALL~nice movie! Kate Beckinsale is very sexy!

the next day, after brunch, had some sightseeing around the theme park with my bro~

then, headed home... otw back to KL, stopped by a chinese temple...used to take lots of pics at this place when I was young! not much changes^^
a pic with the character from my favourite drama when I was young~hehehe


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Buffalo Kitchen @ Bangsar

Buffalo Kitchen @ Bangsar, just next to Bangsar Village
went there for a late dinner with babe dear^^

it was Dato Lee v Chen Long on screen that nite~ happy that he went into final
he tried his best in his final even though he failed to get the gold medal for Msia... yet, proud of him! support him always even though Lindan is much more handsome =p 
was damn "gan jeong" while watching the final... screamed like a crazy woman at home with my family... heart almost explode...LOL... I guess all Msians who have watched that match felt so too! =)

anyway, back to Buffalo Kitchen... a nice cozy restaurant~ love the environment and the food
tutti frutti with my honey bee before the late dinner~

 dreamy chocolate... the name of this beverage... it is made from choc blended with real mint leaves... so, u can actually taste the leaves while drinking... for those who likes mint, u ll surely love this drink! it is indeed special.. unlike the normal one where they only put artificial mint....

Babe's late dinner~ mash potatoes+chicken~ chicken being wrap with the mash potatoes.. like the popiah....=)

dessert for a sweet tooth like me!=)
chocolate volcano...highly recommended by the waitress there and this is the last one left for that nite^^
seriously, it is NICE! my 1st time to try chocolate volcano and I love it..not too sweet !
till here^^

Monday, August 6, 2012


#chik chak ~~~~
decided to go for a haircut.... love my long long long wavy hair that looks very dolly... but then my hair is too dry n very unhealthy ever since I permed n dyed it again and again~~~ 

last pic of me with my long hair!
went to the saloon with Ling^^ she wanted to trim her hair~~
having long hair for 8 YEARS and this is the longest hair I have ever had!
sayang my hair a lot, that why never have the gut to make it short...
I use 2 weeks to make this decision~LOL
give it a try before I graduate! XD if I regret, I still have a year's time for it to grow longer again~XD
the gal who washes my hair kept on ask me "r u sure u wanna cut it short? ur hair is very long!"
the hairstylist tied my hair into a pony tail and cut it OFF!=(
he was kind of worry that I might cry~~LOL

after 20 mins~
I hope it suits me
a fresher look^^ a new me~

hope I ll receive nice comments XD
p/s: I miss my long hair d!

Friday, August 3, 2012

what happened in JULY~

been lazy-ing even though I am having my long "summer" break since June! 
a short summary of what have been happening during these two months! 
welcome August!
June n July were 2 busy months for me~right after the final exam and a plane back to KL, 2 days later, travelled with family in Turkey for a week+ then back to KL for a week and continued with a week of super memorable trip with my forest (uni) family in Sabah~ these 2 trips makes me bcoming tanner n tanner...dafuq....

sunny sunny Turkey! nice country! took too many pictures during this trip XD uploaded some of them in my FB account... met some really nice friends in this trip but I don't think we ll keep in touch duh...let's see what will happen~ =D as u know... nt easy to do it while saying it is just a piece of cake!

found out that cherries are so damn nice! hearts them... too bad they r too expensive in Msia... I can get 1 kg  of cherries for RM10 only in Turkey!!!!

forest family group pic taken in Sabah~ I hearts them a lot! u guys define how great is my uni life even though we r staying in a boring forest! 1 year left and I am going to miss u guys loads when we have graduated! 

the rest of the time... I have no idea how I ended up neglecting my blog XD 
well, busy watching Olympic London 2012 since last Saturday! a game with lots of cuties and pretties from all over the world!
6th semester result is out! I am glad that I didn't screw it up... must gambateh in my final year! hope my dream comes true! =) btw, holiday ending soon and I have to go back to the uni 2 weeks earlier than the rest of the student for the preparation of LAWASIA moot competition...SCARY!!!!! 

sis's long call at KL High Court
congrats! u look gorgeous in the suit!

attended Ling's convocation in July~ my 10 years+ girlfriend =DDDD congrats gurl! 

went to Delicious Marc Residence~ a treat of English Hi-Tea set for my Bee

part time job at Midvalley for 3 days due to the Modern Home Fair...been promoting wall sticker from Korea.. n met a funny Korean supervisor~
then, ushering for the grand opening of The Venue at Pavilion

Dome Paintball @ Summit with my dearest old scout gang! it is always fun and adventurous to be with u guys!=) me in the blue team... bruises on my hands, neck n leg due to paintball but it is fun!

my new ham ham as the previous one ran away from home!!! welcome to ur new house little ham=)

 3rd year anniversary with my babe Bee♥ 
hearts u loads! hope we ll always be the sweet lovely  couple XD

n of course, during this holiday, I m spending most of my time with Bee~ 
the only long break where I get to meet him as often as I want =)

till here~ XOXO
ll try to update again~