Friday, August 3, 2012

what happened in JULY~

been lazy-ing even though I am having my long "summer" break since June! 
a short summary of what have been happening during these two months! 
welcome August!
June n July were 2 busy months for me~right after the final exam and a plane back to KL, 2 days later, travelled with family in Turkey for a week+ then back to KL for a week and continued with a week of super memorable trip with my forest (uni) family in Sabah~ these 2 trips makes me bcoming tanner n tanner...dafuq....

sunny sunny Turkey! nice country! took too many pictures during this trip XD uploaded some of them in my FB account... met some really nice friends in this trip but I don't think we ll keep in touch duh...let's see what will happen~ =D as u know... nt easy to do it while saying it is just a piece of cake!

found out that cherries are so damn nice! hearts them... too bad they r too expensive in Msia... I can get 1 kg  of cherries for RM10 only in Turkey!!!!

forest family group pic taken in Sabah~ I hearts them a lot! u guys define how great is my uni life even though we r staying in a boring forest! 1 year left and I am going to miss u guys loads when we have graduated! 

the rest of the time... I have no idea how I ended up neglecting my blog XD 
well, busy watching Olympic London 2012 since last Saturday! a game with lots of cuties and pretties from all over the world!
6th semester result is out! I am glad that I didn't screw it up... must gambateh in my final year! hope my dream comes true! =) btw, holiday ending soon and I have to go back to the uni 2 weeks earlier than the rest of the student for the preparation of LAWASIA moot competition...SCARY!!!!! 

sis's long call at KL High Court
congrats! u look gorgeous in the suit!

attended Ling's convocation in July~ my 10 years+ girlfriend =DDDD congrats gurl! 

went to Delicious Marc Residence~ a treat of English Hi-Tea set for my Bee

part time job at Midvalley for 3 days due to the Modern Home Fair...been promoting wall sticker from Korea.. n met a funny Korean supervisor~
then, ushering for the grand opening of The Venue at Pavilion

Dome Paintball @ Summit with my dearest old scout gang! it is always fun and adventurous to be with u guys!=) me in the blue team... bruises on my hands, neck n leg due to paintball but it is fun!

my new ham ham as the previous one ran away from home!!! welcome to ur new house little ham=)

 3rd year anniversary with my babe Bee♥ 
hearts u loads! hope we ll always be the sweet lovely  couple XD

n of course, during this holiday, I m spending most of my time with Bee~ 
the only long break where I get to meet him as often as I want =)

till here~ XOXO
ll try to update again~

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