Monday, May 31, 2010

back to Msia

nearly 600 pictures from the trip XD
n I only uploaded 94 pic on fb~
those are chosen one^^
basically, the pic in fb are the places where I visited

updates on this blog very soon~
need some time to tidy up those pic again^^

btw, my sensitive skin recovered, my face and eyes not swollen d~
but now, peeling skin =.=
and I caught a flu.....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

flying away

some updates~~~
away from Msia for about a week...

I am currently in the city of lights^^
happy to be here as it's always my dream place.....
sad that I am not able to borrow Daph's DSLR for a few days...(due to my stupid mistake... =(

.... the spring season here is almost like summer....
damn sunny but not as hot as Msia since the wind is cooling....
I hate sun tan but the people here really love it !
tried my best to hide myself from the sunlight but they wear bikini and lie down on the grass or have picnic with friends n family.... ><....

explore part of the city on the 1st day...
almost sleepless since right after getting down from the plane at 6+am, started the journey till 11pm... exhausted !

went outskirt on the 2nd day + abit of the city + walked all the way from town centre to's far !!! legs almost broken larhzz....

a picture of the landmark of the Paris^^

till here...ciao~
pictures need to be tidy and chosen and edited..
so, updates when I am home...

looking forward to the Musee du Louvre^^

Sunday, May 23, 2010

an escape of HOT weather =)

the weather is so damn hot nowadays...
Da from Setiawan came to KL and that's why the Genting trip occurred in a sudden^^
it's quite a nice experience with them~
2D1N stay at Gotong Jaya as Joyce has an apartment there=free accommodation =p

well, we met up at the Gombak station and went up to G by bus (1st time!)
then we settled down at her apartment and headed to the cable car station by the free shuttle bus =)
the view from her apartment^^

in the cable car~
Joyce... I looked so damn dark when she is around... =(

Megan the sexy gurl~

well, guess what we did up there?
had our late lunch~
walked around at the 1st world hotel~
and chilled out at Starbucks... ><

we didn't meet up for about 2 weeks...that's why we have lots of topics to chat about...
can't stop talking ! ><

5 of us^^
lucky Daniel to have 4 "galfriends" accompanying him =p

oh ya, Joyce, Meg n me got the same cute singlet at MNG =)
basically, that's what we did up there...
just hanging around and trying to get into the casino(2 of us are underage)... ><
Ida's was being kicked out =p (I was behind her...)

back to apartment at about 8pm...
n I REALISE that the NIGHT feeling of being in the cable car is super SCARY !!!!~~~~
5 of us were feeling goosebumps...

had a steamboat party and chatted till 3am....
ya... as I said, we have too much to talk about... =)

next day, woke at 12pm O.O
piggy us other than Daniel, he woke up the earliest...
hanged out at the newly opened strawberry farm after washed up~

camwhore while waiting for others~~~~

love strawberries.....
but it's too expensive compared to Cameron Highlands...
so, we were just walking around + sightseeing... ^^

not much strawberries rite?

seems like they can't grow well at Genting~~

hmmm... some mushroom here from the mushroom farm...

flower farm...

those lettuces are super pretty^^
there's a story about it^^ heard it when I was young...

it's about a guy who steal lettuce for his wife and ended up his child is given to the owner of the lettuce...

end of the trip=)
great time with u guys~
not a gd ending as we can't get into the same bus back to Gombak...
Joyce and Meg have to wait for the 1 hour later bus...


just got back to the ground..
went to Genting with 4 of my coursemates...
was suppose to join another gang of friends there on Saturday but I can't make it since I am leaving Msia by Sunday night.
so, went to a short and relaxing trip on the Fri n Sat with 4 of 'em
it's really simply and relaxing~ ll update about it soon =)

yea.. not a little gal anymore.. the previous post are about my birthday... n surely.. I feel kinda stress towards my age...>< gonna be a more mature and responsible gal

feeling kinda emotional tonight. it just happened in a very sudden. lots of things running in my mind right now. people who are important in my life seems to have gone away, leaving me one by one. well, perhaps I am thinking too much, but that's what I feel.
well, sometimes I just can't help but to feel being neglected.
feeling sad easily...
sometimes, some little action can touched my heart.. feeling very warm...

it's indeed difficult to get someone who is gonna be with you forever, someone who understands you, someone who will thought of you without a reason.

imbalance.. the word for tonight
wondering how am I going to solve this problem

is it greedy to have 2 thingys? must I have one of em only?

Monday, May 17, 2010

bUbba GumP

went to Bubba Gump on Saturday night~
met up with the gang of sis, Keong n my dear^^
it was a great nite with them~
it's my 1st time to visit that place~
the food are just so so for me^^
nice decorations~

these are what we have ordered ~

Salmon and Veggie skillet~

Bourbon Street Mahi Mahi


Medal Margarita

my drink~ smthg about lemonade^^

our dessert~
chocz chip cookie sundae

starring :
sweet smile of em^^

Ling n CY =)

PY =p

Vicky n Me =O
thanks for her new DSLR camera for that nite's pictures =)

my Dear ! ;)

He doesn't like to smile when facing the camera... =(

happy =) thanks gurls n keong^^

a suprise from dear coz it's a cake from Lavendar =)
-have always wanted to try it~
super yummy...cause I love chocz so much ! XD

hehe~ *blush*

my pressie from them~ SEXY??? LOL..... thanks a lot ~~~^^
I ll start using red lipstick now...haha =p
the pressie is being wrapped in the rocky biscuit box...creative ling =)

n well, after that, kissed my dear, Vicky n Ling's cheek~ hahaz....
n my dear used that lipstick GIRLish..... ><
pic not being uploaded...cause I am lazy d... hehe.....

huggies from him =p

it's my picture ! not to include u =p =p =p

love my new shoes... huge^^
they were jealous =p ....trying to step on my feet !

nothing better to do before we were apart again~~~
fashion show...XD
starring Vicky, PY, PV =)

he is not smilling.....................

picture of the day~~~~~
thanks for the celebration ! XOXO
love u guys....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Maria + Delicious =)

it's my 1st birthday celebration with him around =)
a Cafe named as Maria caught my attention from those food blogger's blog^^
it's original restaurant is in Ipoh~
thus, dear decided to bring me there.
it's located at Damansara Perdana, Metropolitan Sq

love the atmosphere there~
romantic and with some classic songs playing~

the steaks there is highly recommended...
thus, my babe ordered a plate of Rib Eye Steak ^^
it's nice=) I mean it...usually, I don't really like steak but this is nice!

seafood Pasta =)
slurrrpsss..... ^^

candid picture of him

n me =p

he was going to put that around my hand ~ hehe
thanks for the lovely gift^^

our dinner ended with a Tiramisu =)
I LOVE THIS A LOT !!!!!!!!!!!!
it's superb nice !!!!!!!! I miss this cake right now....=)


he loves it too^^

I love this place^^
will surely visit it again~ super nice food and desserts....

went to KL after that... and ended up in Delicious^^

a birthday song from him with a strawberry cheese cake~

I don't really like it... it's abit too dry for us~

chocolate brownie which is too sweet for me...

so damn full ! a stomach fulled with desserts..... XD

thanks dear =) I had a great time with ya XOXO

picture of the day^^
I love the pic~ hehez....