Wednesday, May 12, 2010

sushi trial =p <<<< ZOO+DSLR

hanged out with my dear Daphne on Tuesday noon =)
a pair of shorts + singlet as the weather is so DAMN hot !
went to a place where I have not visited since years....XD
ZOO ! yea babe~ it's the ZOO Negara~~~~
we are suppose to be there before 3.30pm but then ended up we reached there at 4pm...
n the Zoo is closing at 5pm ><"""""
still, it's lucky that it's not raining there =)
the main purpose is just to shoot some pictures...
n of course it is animals pictures !
she gave me some guidance on how to use her DSLR....
so, I was just simply shooting pictures during that 60 minutes~
it's kinda fun anyway....

those pictures are still with her...haven't take it from her...
guess they ll not be nice either with my "good" photography skill... ><
hmmm....hope I would be able to brush up my skills in it one day^^

a B&W picture of me taken by her^^

well, overall, it's just a simple outing... had tea at PapaRich and headed home =)

anyway, my homemade Sushi~
a failure....hahaz.... cause it's not that nice.... I will try again =)

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