Sunday, May 16, 2010

Maria + Delicious =)

it's my 1st birthday celebration with him around =)
a Cafe named as Maria caught my attention from those food blogger's blog^^
it's original restaurant is in Ipoh~
thus, dear decided to bring me there.
it's located at Damansara Perdana, Metropolitan Sq

love the atmosphere there~
romantic and with some classic songs playing~

the steaks there is highly recommended...
thus, my babe ordered a plate of Rib Eye Steak ^^
it's nice=) I mean it...usually, I don't really like steak but this is nice!

seafood Pasta =)
slurrrpsss..... ^^

candid picture of him

n me =p

he was going to put that around my hand ~ hehe
thanks for the lovely gift^^

our dinner ended with a Tiramisu =)
I LOVE THIS A LOT !!!!!!!!!!!!
it's superb nice !!!!!!!! I miss this cake right now....=)


he loves it too^^

I love this place^^
will surely visit it again~ super nice food and desserts....

went to KL after that... and ended up in Delicious^^

a birthday song from him with a strawberry cheese cake~

I don't really like it... it's abit too dry for us~

chocolate brownie which is too sweet for me...

so damn full ! a stomach fulled with desserts..... XD

thanks dear =) I had a great time with ya XOXO

picture of the day^^
I love the pic~ hehez....

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