Sunday, May 23, 2010


just got back to the ground..
went to Genting with 4 of my coursemates...
was suppose to join another gang of friends there on Saturday but I can't make it since I am leaving Msia by Sunday night.
so, went to a short and relaxing trip on the Fri n Sat with 4 of 'em
it's really simply and relaxing~ ll update about it soon =)

yea.. not a little gal anymore.. the previous post are about my birthday... n surely.. I feel kinda stress towards my age...>< gonna be a more mature and responsible gal

feeling kinda emotional tonight. it just happened in a very sudden. lots of things running in my mind right now. people who are important in my life seems to have gone away, leaving me one by one. well, perhaps I am thinking too much, but that's what I feel.
well, sometimes I just can't help but to feel being neglected.
feeling sad easily...
sometimes, some little action can touched my heart.. feeling very warm...

it's indeed difficult to get someone who is gonna be with you forever, someone who understands you, someone who will thought of you without a reason.

imbalance.. the word for tonight
wondering how am I going to solve this problem

is it greedy to have 2 thingys? must I have one of em only?

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-вαη- said...

aiyo seah.. think about this
can you have 2 boy boy at the same time together?
same goes with others