Monday, May 17, 2010

bUbba GumP

went to Bubba Gump on Saturday night~
met up with the gang of sis, Keong n my dear^^
it was a great nite with them~
it's my 1st time to visit that place~
the food are just so so for me^^
nice decorations~

these are what we have ordered ~

Salmon and Veggie skillet~

Bourbon Street Mahi Mahi


Medal Margarita

my drink~ smthg about lemonade^^

our dessert~
chocz chip cookie sundae

starring :
sweet smile of em^^

Ling n CY =)

PY =p

Vicky n Me =O
thanks for her new DSLR camera for that nite's pictures =)

my Dear ! ;)

He doesn't like to smile when facing the camera... =(

happy =) thanks gurls n keong^^

a suprise from dear coz it's a cake from Lavendar =)
-have always wanted to try it~
super yummy...cause I love chocz so much ! XD

hehe~ *blush*

my pressie from them~ SEXY??? LOL..... thanks a lot ~~~^^
I ll start using red lipstick now...haha =p
the pressie is being wrapped in the rocky biscuit box...creative ling =)

n well, after that, kissed my dear, Vicky n Ling's cheek~ hahaz....
n my dear used that lipstick GIRLish..... ><
pic not being uploaded...cause I am lazy d... hehe.....

huggies from him =p

it's my picture ! not to include u =p =p =p

love my new shoes... huge^^
they were jealous =p ....trying to step on my feet !

nothing better to do before we were apart again~~~
fashion show...XD
starring Vicky, PY, PV =)

he is not smilling.....................

picture of the day~~~~~
thanks for the celebration ! XOXO
love u guys....

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