Saturday, May 8, 2010

fOod durinG road trIp

just a brief and simple starting post about my roAd trip~
it's all about food !!!!
we were eating non-stop =)
eating is my favourite~~~ I love food~ =p
luckily I didn't gain weight in this trip~ hehez.....
7 days~

from Sitiawan~
1. Our 1st dinner after coming out from forest ! FISH~~~ we were desperate for it^^
2. Hok Chiang Miang, a nice cookie with pork in it...
3. Red wine MisHua, cooked by Ida's parents.....yummy !

1. The famous Bak Kut Teh in Klang as our brunch^^
2. Meat bun at Sri Petaling~

Malacca-Nyonya dishes
they r cooked by Ida's grandma^^ a nyonya
1. Ikan Asam Pedas
2. Sotong Kunyit
3. Kangkung Belacan
4. Ayam Rendang

1. Laksa, not available at anytime~ it's like curry mee
2. Ayam Pongteh
3. Belacan Prawn
4. Telur goreng Cincaluk

1. Chicken rice balls
2. Satay Celup aka luk luk ^^
3. ABC
4. Cendol Durian~ my favourite dessert ! Made by Ida's uncle~ a baba

this place is in a hidden place....located at Muara Sg. Duyung in Malacca~those food are very fresh!!!!
1. Ikan Bakar
2. Cockles
3. Fried squid

it is still Malacca
1. Mee Congkok~ a nice meat balls mee....long queue !!!
2. Exception^^ homebake cheesecake by KH's sis
3. my favourite nyonya kuih~ this is a place with the famous nyonya kuih, also in a very hidden residential place
4. Nyonya dumpling~ blue rice !!!! tasted sweet~~~~

KH house
Cocktail ! =) prepared by KH's sis =)

homemade sushi~ my 1st time !!! =)
simple dinner at SP~

last but not least !
Bidor~~~this is after the road trip, the journey home^^
RM6.60~~~ expensive~
but yummy ! duck meat mee~
the soup is super duper nice !

I miss these food now =(

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