Sunday, May 16, 2010

yea~ I am 20 at last =)
a number which I should be happy right?
not a little young gurl anymore....
leaving the group of 10 and being in the group of 20
I hope that things will go well~
well, can't deny that I am still like a little clumsy gal...
errr....trying my best to get rid of this^^

presents for my lovely 20^^

a flowery dress from mummy !

3. a cutie car with biscuits, chocz and a lovely handmade card from coursemates XOXO

a pUrple pouch from Jenny =)

sexy Red lipstick and lip gloss from the gang of sis...MUACKZ..Z..z

a watch from my babe^^ kisses~~

thanks a lot =)

celebrations pictures will be updated later on =)

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