Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mummy's day 2010

it's mummy's day =)
happy~ the 1st celebration happened at my home sweet home~
a simple steamboat dinner with my uncle's family
this time, my grandma(wai po) n an aunt from Johor is staying at my house for a holiday thus we celebrate it together.... my cousin sis FFK me, thus left 3 younger cousin sis to accompany^^ before that, went to MV in the noon n meet up with Jenny + gang and Bin + PY~ thanks to Tick for the BR ice-cream treat ! =) slurrrpppssss......
I am not really fond of steamboat~ so, it's a normal dinner for me, just love the atmosphere a lot! this dinner makes me wanna puke~~~~ so damn full!!!!!
my favourite part of the night--->wine+cake ~ hahahzzzz.... peach cake from SR~ yummy!!!!


me+a bottle of wine~

pic with cousins =)

two mummies~~~~ Grandma + mummy~~~~ 3 generations ^^

a little present for my dear mummy and of course a handmade card by me !
gt this present with my babe's accompany~ thanks to him~
p/s: Bro still in NS.... so he is unable to join us for the celebration~ pity bro~~~~~

on Mummy's Day~
went to The Curve with uncle....
in the car~~~~
walked arounD Ikea~ got myself a notice board n a cute pink mat =) my stuffs in room r very pinkish or purplish~~~~~~~ then~ to DINNER !!!
suppose to go Marche, but they r having buffet style due to Mother's day, so we decided to change the venue to T.G.I. Friday =)
well, I would say that, it's been years since my last time to have a meal at there.... so, it's sort of like something new for me^^
promotions ~ specially for mummy ^^
gt 3 mummies with me~
so, 3 sets of free appetizer =)
1. Chicken Fajitas Nachos
2. Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Quesadillas
3. Southwest Shrimp Martini

then, follow on with our main dishes =)
1. Sizzling Fajita Combo
2. Fish & Chips
3. White Fish? smthg like tat ^^
4. Sizzling Beef Fajitas

well, basically, the food are just nice for me, nothing special^^ big portion, thus we shared it~ thanks to my uncle for this dinner =)
my grandma looks happy in this pic~ hahaz

let's start the meal!!!!! I ate a lot =)

my lovely daddy n mummy =)

Uncle with Grandma n mummy with aunt~ mum is not looking at the camera =.=

ended our meal with brownie obsession=) it's nice~ but kinda TOO Sweet... will sick of it if you eat too much...just a few bites ll do^^
n that's my drink=Strawberry Lemonade Slush~~~~~ sour+sweet~~~~
had a walk at The Curve n the Street Market after dinner~
got a nice dress from dear mummy as my birthday present~ hehez....mummy's day but I got a present...XD muaccckkkkzzz......

it's a happy celebration with my family~~~~~
I LOVE YA MUMMY~~~ Thanks for giving birth to such a lovely me...LOL

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