Friday, February 8, 2013


going back to Muar soon!
and I can imagine the bad traffic =(

anyway, just to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and also to my little blog^^
didn't really shop for CNY... I wonder why I am not really in a mood for shopping~
got a pair of pink Jelly Bunny as my new pumps~
while for the clothes, they are not really suitable with the CNY theme
so, I grabbed some of the clothes I have bought months ago and I will bring them back to Muar as CNY clothes since I haven't gt the chance to wear them=they are still consider as new clothes! ^^

not going to bring my laptop along with me to kampung
so, not going to update anything here~
will be back on Chu San, which is Tuesday and me and my family will fly on Wednesday morning for a family vacation~ the last vacation of me as a student! ^^ and back to uni after that, for my last semester!
let's see~ I will try to update whenever I have the time to do so!
Happy CNY!

p/s: result is out and I am damn sad and disappointed~ all I can say is I have tried my best and I should try harder in my final semester!

my burgerlab

My Burgerlab~located at Seapark PJ
heard about this little burger shop since last year and I have been craving for their burgers as I have heard a lot of good comments about it^^
thanks to Ivy sis~
went there with my great buddies for a dinner

went there on a Tuesday nite~ was there at about 730pm and DAMN~ long queue! 
most of the customers are in their working outfit... so it can be assumed that most of the customers come here to grab their dinner as My Burgerlab opens from 5pm-11pm (after working hour)

most of the staffs working there are university students~
here we go~the long long queue! 

there is a menu written on the chalkboard, very fast food, western style
n their burgers are selling fast!
I wanted to order Chicken and Egg Dillema but too bad right before it is out turn to place our order, it is sold out =____________=" SO SAD! 
so, I order A+ chicken instead since I am not really fond of beef
Ivy ordered Spicy Haiwaiian, Gary ordered A+Beef and Bee ordered Beautiful Mess, which he claimed it is super duper nice!
the happy pilot with his A+Beef

 Bee and his Beautiful Mess

mine~ A+Chicken
ohya, not to forget, I love their bun so much! 
the colour of the bread is in black~

the happy me! munch munch munch!

we ordered a set for each of us, which comes with a burger, fries and a bottomless drink^^
n we regretted! such a big portion! 

anyway, it is not easy to get a place to sit down and enjoy ur dinner
the place is too small and crowded with people
once u have done with ur dinner, it is better to leave or else u will feel very uncomfortable as there are many eyes on u, waiting for ur table(n this is what we have done! XD)

a great dinner, nice burger, especially the charcoal bun! 
I love it but I doubt if I will ever return for another try...cause it is indeed too crowded lahhh~=p

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a broken heart

me=being so irresponsible towards my blog~ been having a holiday for almost a month d~ it is a great holiday, I get to have fun to the max, laughed like a crazy woman, enjoyed my Cambodia trip(I will try to blog about this trip when I am free=D), ate good food, enjoyed homecook, had fun with friends and family. Basically, the best life is being a student!

everything went so well but I guess I am not well deep down in my heart. Disappointments again and again really breaks my heart. I am not tough, I am not a tough girl, I may be a Happy Go Lucky type, but in this matter, I don't think I can handle it well. Yet, I need to try my best to be tough~ indeed it is not easy and I have no idea and unable to imagine how much pain and suffer do I need to go through.

I have tried my best.

Life is not about it only, I have many people who love me =) I must be tough!
Let fate decides, but I must be strong.
06.02.2013 is a beginning...