Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a broken heart

me=being so irresponsible towards my blog~ been having a holiday for almost a month d~ it is a great holiday, I get to have fun to the max, laughed like a crazy woman, enjoyed my Cambodia trip(I will try to blog about this trip when I am free=D), ate good food, enjoyed homecook, had fun with friends and family. Basically, the best life is being a student!

everything went so well but I guess I am not well deep down in my heart. Disappointments again and again really breaks my heart. I am not tough, I am not a tough girl, I may be a Happy Go Lucky type, but in this matter, I don't think I can handle it well. Yet, I need to try my best to be tough~ indeed it is not easy and I have no idea and unable to imagine how much pain and suffer do I need to go through.

I have tried my best.

Life is not about it only, I have many people who love me =) I must be tough!
Let fate decides, but I must be strong.
06.02.2013 is a beginning...

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