Wednesday, January 16, 2013

US visa application

I am back to KL for almost a week d^^
holiday mood ON!
life is so far so good~
had a terrible ending in 2012 and I really hope that 2013 is gonna be a great year!
I must stay positive and happy all the time
love myself more!
n enjoy this holiday to the max!

anyway, was busy for the past few days due to the US visa application form on the internet
before this, I have no idea that applying the visa can be so damn troublesome! o.O
something to share here
a brief summary here of how to apply a US visa^^
hope this is useful for those who need help cause I was busy calling friends and surfing the net to get information of how to apply US visa since the past few days~

firstly, fill up the details in DS160 form... 
u can get this form from the US embassy website
u need to fill up a lot of details such as where u plan to visit and the hotel u ll stay when u r in US
oh ya, there is also a need to take a picture and upload it on the net in this form
the picture is with white background n bring 1 photo along with u on the day of interview

after submitting the application form online, u will get a confirmation number, it is a must to print out this confirmation page and bring it with u on the day of interview

following, schedule for appointment of interview
u will need to pay RM512 per person at Standard Chartered bank in order to proceed with this step^^
(u are able to schedule appointment 4 hours later of payment)
I have chosen the 7.40am session, which is the next day after I had submit the application form

then, the next day, departed at 630am due to the KL heavy traffic~
reach the embassy and there is a long queue to get the visitor pass
it is a must to bring either ur IC or Driving license in order to get the visitor pass (clumsy me left my IC at home  but luckily the  driving license is with me=D)
no handphones, headphones or camera are allowed in the embassy

documents to bring:
1. confirmation letter
2. appointment letter
3. 1 photo
4. passport
5. receipt of the payment

took a number once we entered the building and waited for the interview session
since I am applying the visa with my family, thus we need one number only for the whole family^^
Hence, it is much more easier comparing to those applying the visa by himself!
everything is settled by 10am~
the interview session was kind of simple, the interviewer is a very friendly lady
~perhaps it is bcoz we are applying together as a family or perhaps it is due to my dad's job~ 
the interviewer asked me 1 question only and same goes to my brother
while for my dad, about 5 questions and mum 2 questions~
4 of us in the tiny room for not more than 5 minutes n there we go, visa is approved!
we can collect our passport from the Wisma MCA the next day after 3pm~
the visa is valid for 10 years~

so there goes the summary of how to apply a US visa=)
everything is settled and I can't wait for the trip!
proud of myself since I helped my family in this application thingy^^n nothing goes wrong~heee~


daphne said...

hahaha it's like i'm listening to you. great guide btw. :)

chocz-dreamland said...

I love u babe~ ^^

US Waivers Pardon said...

Thank you for giving information about the US visa application. I am trying to get it and your information will be really helpful for me.

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littleinnervoiceofher said...

Awesome! (Just passing by out of boredom) Cheers~ Sook Eng