Saturday, May 30, 2009


had a short yam cha session with the scout gang~
we didn't hang out for a long time as everyone is busy
erm... at least 3 months !
miss 'em !
well, not everyone turn up, there's 10 of us~ 7 gal 3 guys
Elaine is ad back to Msia~
her few months life at USA seems to be very fun~
she did lots of shopping at there~
awww... do hope I can be like her too XD

whenever we hang out together, we are always the noisiest !
indeed... I m not exaggerating...
we have endless topic...
politics, current issues, personal life etc...
updated myself with some news about my 2ndary school stuffs
it's SCARY....
never ever thought that my ex school ll have such happenings....

it's just a random post~
here comes another weekend !
I'm sure something nice will be going on =)
have fun~

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shogun @ Sunway Piramid

Shogun is having a promotion now~
half price for it's buffet ~ ^^
we planned to go for it since a week ago~
having lunch with them is always the best !^^

*woke up late this morning*
*sorry to both Ling n Jenny for the trouble* >.<
really didn't mean it.....
I should really sleep earlier....=p

camwhore at PY's house while waiting for her to get ready... =)
dress code for the day : dress XD
we have never been so girlish during our outings before....
so, why not have a try ?
pity Vicky....
almost break her legs because of her high heels...
"1 beauty dun 1 life" =p

back to Shogun~
we reached there at 12pm
look at the queue for those who walk in~
(reservations are fully booked)
met Ling's bro n friends...
so, we "jumped queue" =)
it's quite spacious in there... so I guess everyone makes it~

n there we go~
started to look around, aim, n take it ^^
the food there are not bad
but the sashimi -abalone has a weird taste...
well, the white tuna n salmon is quite nice
it has quite a wide range of food choices~
my favourite? bet you can guess it...
desserts ^^
the cakes are not bad... especially the tiramisu and cheese brownies
there's also chocolate foundation + fruits ^^
didn't go for 2nd round for the cakes as I was very full
took 5 scoops of ice cream XD
I m indeed a sweet tooth...
PY loves the chocolate oat cookies^^

some of the food.... all eaten by me XD
*wondering how much weight would i gain O.o*

Vicky, Jacq n me

5 of us =)

Ling's bro n friends~
we have our lunch at the same table~

eating + chit chatting
the session ended at 2.30pm
it's RM24.70 per person ^^
worth to go for a try~ promotion ends in June...

camwhore in the ladies lavatory~
picture not that clear~

Ling n Vicky was very excited when I camwhore... haha

had a short walk in the mall~
sales everywhere ^^

taking picture while the others are trying the shoes at Viss~

went home at 4.30pm to avoid the bad traffic~
a wonderful day =)

oh ya~ thanks to PY's dumplings...
I love it ! XD

don't miss 'em !

once again~
Wednesday is always my favourite day for movies ^^
watched 2 very nice movies in a day~

went to MV with Dan, Dan's friend, YC n Jenny for Angles n Demons
just in time to catch the 2pm show
it's a fantastic movie ^^
an unexpected ending~
*awww.....I wanna watch the da vinci code.... *

the next movie, which is at 6.35pm
$e11. 0u7 with Vicky n PY
we watched it at Alamanda
it's my 1st time there~ it's kinda far from our house.... >.<
Ling didn't join us as she is not interested in this movie

$e11. 0u7
world-premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2008 and won the Young Cinema Award for Altre Visions

I have always looking forward to watch it^^
at last, it's launching in May 2009
it'a a movie about Malaysian culture, art and society
lead actress-Jerrica Lai (play as Rafflesia Pong)
her acting skill is quite good because of her theatrical background^^
lead actor-Peter Davis (play as Eric Tan)
he is so so so so CUTE !!!!! =) in love with him~ XD
there's also some songs going on in that movie~ it's quite nice~ I like it a lot
* something like Sweeney Todd*
it's actually a musical film....
like the song by Rafflesia Pong n Eric Tan
cheesy lyrics ^^
"you are not my type, don't get your hope all high, I still won't sleep with you, I rather be a bi..."
there's a quote which we can't forget, it's by a CEO in the movie
Don't "but" me ! I hate people who "but" me !
the "love" poem is also very nice XD

anyway~ here is the trailer

overall, this movie made me kept on laughing
the cinema is fulled with our laughing voices XD
this film is definitely worth to WATCH !
check it out and support local movie ya =)

Happy Rice Dumpling Festival =)

it's one of my favourite festival
cause I L.O.V.E dumplings so much =)
especially those made by my grandma...
but I guess I can't have dumplings from grandma this year since I am not going back to Johor
awww~ miss it so much !!!

I love red bean dumplings....
those plain cute tiny small dumplings too...
I once tired the "cao zhou" dumpling... it's sweet...there's a layer of sweet red bean paste~
where can I find that dumpling again ??? ....

I want dumplings....
mummy is not free to make any for me...
do u have any ???? hehe....

anyway~ have a nice celebration n happy eating^^

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A celebration of Dan's 20th birthday at Kaki's Corner
It's somewhere near to Leisure Mall at Cheras
the birthday boy~
~a guy I knew since Form 1 but getting closer in Form 4 since we were in the same class again
~hanged out frequently with him these days, especially for movies ^^
~he is a nice friend ! ^^

celebrated it on the night of 26th~
it's my 1st time to this western cafe n I think it is quite nice
there's a life singer and guitarist too

a very cute gift from Man to Dan~
so CUTE right? it's handmade by Man's mum.... lovely~

n here comes the birthday cake after our meals
"u ll never walk alone" =)

it's a nice night^^
his expression shows how happy he is^^
cutting his cake~
dividing the cake~
some cream on his face ^^

met up with some friends who I didn't meet meet for a long time
eg... this guy~ CA Ng

a group picture before the celebration ends
5 males, 5 females.... ^^

then, we went to Sri Petaling's night market to meet up with Keong, Lip n YL~
had some short chat at there while the guys enjoying Uncle Bob's chicken + icebergs
listened to Jenny's lame jokes...
I was indeed very tired... that's why didn't talk much...
home before 12am ^^

once a again, clumsy me...
I lost my house keys... damn....
have no idea at all where I last saw it....
please cum back to me.... XD

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

lOve it ?

a new template for my blog....
been using the old one for almost a year~
from a bright purple -> pink + black
some1 said that my blog has turned into very emo.... XD
I kinda like this new style^^
been spending half the day facing the computer just to "renovate" my blog^^
n the banner.... high heels + chocz... =) like it so much !
some comments please... izzit nicer? like it?

back to something about my life~
It's Dan's birthday on 25th of May^^
went to TS with YC, Man, Tick, Lip n Jenny on Monday to get his present
after walking for a few rounds in TS,
we got him a Liverpool shirt from Adidas~

camwhore again ~~~~~~
*Jenny brought me to a shop that sells lots of high heels imported from Taiwan
those heels are just too temptating...
they are very comfortable !!!! n lovely.....
I must visit that shop again.... ^^

bought a dozen of Krispy Kreme original glaze doughnuts
heard that their doughnuts are very nice~
just wanna give it a try^^
well~ I think it is to sweet~
don't really like it
somehow I still prefer Big Apple's doughnuts =)
since my family members don't really like sweet stuffs...
ended up, I ate half dozen of doughnuts... XD


BLOG under construction....
changes ll be going on....
pink + black ^^

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bangsar village again

joined sisters at Bangsar on Sunday noon after my brunch^^
they went there to do some shoppings

decided to pin up my fringe since it was a hot day~
I tried to play with the eyeliner again... failure......
I gave up !!!

anyway... the way I dressed up myself gave them a big shock...
especially Ling XD
well~ I didn't mean it.... but there's no casual T-shirt at my other house... ^^
there goes the mature me ^^ hahaz~

we walked for almost half the day~
tried lots of tops n dress
I am kinda in love with their dresses
there's a feeling of wanna bring all of them home

like this one... it's simple n plain...
with a ribbon that can be tied around ur neck or just make it into a bow~
this one is also not bad...
but then it's too big for me... XD

saw a cute n lovely top~
but it is a deep-V
seriously... not really my style XD
but I like it...
ended up I didn't buy it... feeling damn regret right now...
forget it forget it...

had fun with the high heels^^
love this pair~
it made me look thinner, taller, prettier.... ==
I was exaggerating >.< It made me very tall... my ideal height^^
Ling was very shocked by my height once she saw me in it... haha
*tall... but the heels hurt my legs...
*it's really painful... can't imagine what will I turn into if I walk in that pair of heels for 30 minutes... XD

yea~ I m the tallest !!!!!!! wakaka~
for once.... Vicky n PY is taller than me~hehe

tea time at Mango Mania~
can't remember who suggested that instead of Delicious~kinda regret

the desserts are out of expectation
they look nice and tempting right?
the mango yogurt ice-cream doesn't taste like yogurt...
can't smell the fragrance of mango
the price doesn't worth the desserts at all
same goes to the mango cheese cake...
the layer of mango jelly on top of the cheese cake isn't nice...
I prefer the one by SR^^
it's much more better !
too bad, I guess I ll not visit this shop again...

it was a great day with them =)

Chili's Grill & Bar =)

It was Saturday night~
decided to spend the night with my dear family^^

it is actually a belated birthday dinner + belated mother's day...
(yea~ was busy for the past few weekends... ended up the dinner postponed for 2 weeks)

just an hour before the dinner, I went to my bed n played with the cute teddy dad gave me...
ended up... allergy... =.=
must be the dust as I left it in my room n being untouched for almost a month...
my right eyes was swollen ! arghh.....

I can hardly open my eyes lorhz... wth...

had our dinner at Chili's G& B
It's my 1st time there...
It was Saturday.... MV was very crowded
there's also a long queue at the dining place >.<
4 glasses of bottomless fruit juice...
well~ they are not really the pure fruit juice
what do u expect when it is bottomless? ^^

while waiting for the meal to arrive
picture taking time^^
that's my brother, Mr.JJ n me^^

my eyes r swollen and smalllllllllll..... felt really uncomfortable...

then, chit-chatting with both of my parents
I really like this kind of feeling
seldom have the chance to sit down, having a nice meal and chit chat with both of them
it's really rare...
they have to work on weekdays and we seldom dine at the same time
even if we dine at the same time, it's always in a rush, ended up not much time to do some chatting
that's why I appreciate it a lot^^

back to the food..
they arrived at last ~ ^^

daddy's Fish n Chips-old time favourite...
he hates meat... that's why he ordered fish... =)

as his daughter, I am not really keen into meat either... =)
so, here goes my plate of Firecracker Fish.... can't really remember it's name
it's yummy - I mean the fish
for the rice... ummm... not really~ hehe

my mum is just the opposite of my daddy~
so, here goes the grilled lamb steak~
she said it is nice....
but I don't eat lamb... coz they r too cute to be eaten XD

bro has the almost alike appetite with mum~
grilled chicken steak ~
I like the mashed potatoes a LOT !!!! =)
I ate almost 70% of his mashed potatoes~ hahaz

It was a great dinner
nice food and nice environment
I shall come back again on other day to try it's other dishes^^
oh ya~ anyway...
it cost about RM40+ for a person
the food is in a big portion... I can hardly finish them~

my tiny cake from Bread Story~

supper- buns from Delifrance ^^
my favourite - choc chips

thanks a lot to my dad !!! =)

Friday, May 22, 2009

night at the museum 2

badminton session for a while with Jenny in the morning
early in the morning o !
thanks to my "alarm" for waking me~ ^^
had breakfast with her at SK village...
hmm... I seldom have this kind of breakfast...
normally, buns or breakfast cereals will settle it...

then, the plan of catching the early bird movie ticket popped out in a sudden...
so, woke Dan n YC up... (both of 'em were sleeping)
missed the 11am movie...
watched the 11.30am movie~
Dan bought a LARGE box of popcorns...
n I m the only one who were eating it~
I ate from the movie started till the movie ended... >.<
cause Jenny was fulled n 2 of 'em don't like popcorns...

back to the movie~ it's funny~
watch it if u need some laughters^^
it's also okay if u didn't watch the 1st movie... (cause I didn't^^)

both Dan n YC didn't have their breakfast... hehe~
so, they had their lunch at Subway....
foot length burger~
turkey meat in it...
well~ I had a bite of it even though I m full^^... n it's quite nice...
the turkey meat is a bit salty, bread is very soft...

almost die of starvation becoz of 2 gals... XD
enjoying their food^^

rite after subway...
2nd session at My Toast, opposite it...

a cup of horlicks... XD
er... it's my 1st time of drinking it.. don't laugh... believe it !
well~ when I was young, there's only 2 types of drinks in my life - milk n milo ~
that's why Horlicks nvr visit my mouth till today...

home at 3pm~

after 5 minutes... The Mines with Man, YC, Jenny, Tick n Dan~
the guys wanted to go for a haircut while I accompanied Jenny to take pictures~
then, had my pre-dinner with 'em~
n guess wat...
I slept for 30minutes accidentally when I were home at last...
headache... >.<"
I should sleep earlier.. so, tata !!!!!