Sunday, May 17, 2009


tears flowing down at sad times
tears will flow down without any reason
even though there are many friends and people who cares you by your side..
there's still time where u ll feel the loneliness
I love looking at the sky...
my thoughts will bring me far away, to somewhere where there's no ending
looking at the crowds,
looking at the passerby walking from here to there,
looking at the cars that pass by...
listening to songs in the middle of the night
recalling lots of memories
thinking of my life
wondering the future
I need peace...
I need silence...
I need to be alone...
I need to be quiet...

is it wrong to cry?
is it wrong to be emotion?
there's always a smile... at least it appears when I m with you
n once your back faces me... it's another story
I am scare of a smooth journey...
scare of happiness...
afraid that it will be taken away in a glance
being left in an unknown city
surrounded by lots of strangers
trying to search for you again
... nightmares will will not end till the next sunrise.....

hey~ when is the last time you cried ?

*nah.... I m not feeling sad... not now...
it's just a random post...
just have the feeling to post up =)
I rarely express my feelings here huh... ^^

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