Sunday, May 17, 2009

the cUrve

went out again on the night~
3rd celebration~
7pm to The Curve...
due to the stupid bad traffic, we reached there at 9pm... =.=""""
2 hours = the journey to Johor !

FY was very blur...
she has no idea where were we heading to~
when we reached her house, her reaction was like :
huh? going out? okie~ wait me for 5 minutes ya^^
once she is in YC's car...lots of ques popped out from her mouth... XD

there r lots of ppl at there~
Msia Dreamgirl season 2 finalist was going on but then I didn't pay attention 2wards it~
we were busy thinking what to eat at the street~
ended up we dined at Sakae Sushi bcoz Friday is too crowded...

FY, Jenny, me^^

eating session is juz normal~
chatting + eating~
Jenny don't eat sushi~ WHY ?!
so, she ordered Ramen....

then, dessert time at BR~
thanks to Lemon for it ! =)
I am eating ice-cream again^^

taking pic at the street....

wit the 2 guys~

n then~ a BIG suprise from 'em...
YC came out with a HUGE pink bear in a sudden...
omg... it's so lovely...
thanks a lot... didn't expect to receive such a big bear...
it's my 1st pink bear =)
it is almost bigger than me~ o.o

it's a nice n short night~
thanks to 'em for spending time with me~

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