Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A celebration of Dan's 20th birthday at Kaki's Corner
It's somewhere near to Leisure Mall at Cheras
the birthday boy~
~a guy I knew since Form 1 but getting closer in Form 4 since we were in the same class again
~hanged out frequently with him these days, especially for movies ^^
~he is a nice friend ! ^^

celebrated it on the night of 26th~
it's my 1st time to this western cafe n I think it is quite nice
there's a life singer and guitarist too

a very cute gift from Man to Dan~
so CUTE right? it's handmade by Man's mum.... lovely~

n here comes the birthday cake after our meals
"u ll never walk alone" =)

it's a nice night^^
his expression shows how happy he is^^
cutting his cake~
dividing the cake~
some cream on his face ^^

met up with some friends who I didn't meet meet for a long time
eg... this guy~ CA Ng

a group picture before the celebration ends
5 males, 5 females.... ^^

then, we went to Sri Petaling's night market to meet up with Keong, Lip n YL~
had some short chat at there while the guys enjoying Uncle Bob's chicken + icebergs
listened to Jenny's lame jokes...
I was indeed very tired... that's why didn't talk much...
home before 12am ^^

once a again, clumsy me...
I lost my house keys... damn....
have no idea at all where I last saw it....
please cum back to me.... XD

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