Thursday, May 28, 2009

don't miss 'em !

once again~
Wednesday is always my favourite day for movies ^^
watched 2 very nice movies in a day~

went to MV with Dan, Dan's friend, YC n Jenny for Angles n Demons
just in time to catch the 2pm show
it's a fantastic movie ^^
an unexpected ending~
*awww.....I wanna watch the da vinci code.... *

the next movie, which is at 6.35pm
$e11. 0u7 with Vicky n PY
we watched it at Alamanda
it's my 1st time there~ it's kinda far from our house.... >.<
Ling didn't join us as she is not interested in this movie

$e11. 0u7
world-premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2008 and won the Young Cinema Award for Altre Visions

I have always looking forward to watch it^^
at last, it's launching in May 2009
it'a a movie about Malaysian culture, art and society
lead actress-Jerrica Lai (play as Rafflesia Pong)
her acting skill is quite good because of her theatrical background^^
lead actor-Peter Davis (play as Eric Tan)
he is so so so so CUTE !!!!! =) in love with him~ XD
there's also some songs going on in that movie~ it's quite nice~ I like it a lot
* something like Sweeney Todd*
it's actually a musical film....
like the song by Rafflesia Pong n Eric Tan
cheesy lyrics ^^
"you are not my type, don't get your hope all high, I still won't sleep with you, I rather be a bi..."
there's a quote which we can't forget, it's by a CEO in the movie
Don't "but" me ! I hate people who "but" me !
the "love" poem is also very nice XD

anyway~ here is the trailer

overall, this movie made me kept on laughing
the cinema is fulled with our laughing voices XD
this film is definitely worth to WATCH !
check it out and support local movie ya =)


枫的自由 said...

"sir, but......"

"Don't 'but' me ! I hate people who 'but' me !"

^^ damn funny....dun but me~~

chocz-dreamland said...

haha~ u watched it too^^