Saturday, May 16, 2009

1st celebration

went to watch Wolverine with Jenny n YC in the noon~
suppose to watch it at CS but ended up we went to MV for the 4pm show~
(ya ya... I went to mv again !!!!! =.=)
it's quite a nice movie~
n well~ seriously... I didn't watch X-men when I was small...
so, the storyline n everything is like kinda new for me >.<""""
met up with Daniel after that~
He waited for us while we were in the cinema~ so nice of him! =)
had our dinner at Pizza Hut~
then~ home~
a suprise from my dear sisters....^^ n also others^^
they came at 11 smthg...
10 of them.. Jacq, Vicky, Ling, PY, Step, Des, GJ, Keong, Lip, Thai,
a super thick chocz cake~
candles... ^^

most of the pic r kinda blur~
so, that's all for the pictures for the 1st celebration...
really thanks to all of 'em who came~
I know sum of u r really busy n sleepy ^^
u guys n gals r really sweet =)

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