Monday, May 25, 2009

Bangsar village again

joined sisters at Bangsar on Sunday noon after my brunch^^
they went there to do some shoppings

decided to pin up my fringe since it was a hot day~
I tried to play with the eyeliner again... failure......
I gave up !!!

anyway... the way I dressed up myself gave them a big shock...
especially Ling XD
well~ I didn't mean it.... but there's no casual T-shirt at my other house... ^^
there goes the mature me ^^ hahaz~

we walked for almost half the day~
tried lots of tops n dress
I am kinda in love with their dresses
there's a feeling of wanna bring all of them home

like this one... it's simple n plain...
with a ribbon that can be tied around ur neck or just make it into a bow~
this one is also not bad...
but then it's too big for me... XD

saw a cute n lovely top~
but it is a deep-V
seriously... not really my style XD
but I like it...
ended up I didn't buy it... feeling damn regret right now...
forget it forget it...

had fun with the high heels^^
love this pair~
it made me look thinner, taller, prettier.... ==
I was exaggerating >.< It made me very tall... my ideal height^^
Ling was very shocked by my height once she saw me in it... haha
*tall... but the heels hurt my legs...
*it's really painful... can't imagine what will I turn into if I walk in that pair of heels for 30 minutes... XD

yea~ I m the tallest !!!!!!! wakaka~
for once.... Vicky n PY is taller than me~hehe

tea time at Mango Mania~
can't remember who suggested that instead of Delicious~kinda regret

the desserts are out of expectation
they look nice and tempting right?
the mango yogurt ice-cream doesn't taste like yogurt...
can't smell the fragrance of mango
the price doesn't worth the desserts at all
same goes to the mango cheese cake...
the layer of mango jelly on top of the cheese cake isn't nice...
I prefer the one by SR^^
it's much more better !
too bad, I guess I ll not visit this shop again...

it was a great day with them =)

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