Sunday, May 3, 2009

sHarifah's wedding~

this is the 1st time I attended a friend's wedding party~
it's also the 1st time I attended a Malay wedding party~
actually, almost miss this party as I need to work~
but then I ad promised Lina I ll attend it months ago...
so, I took a half day leave^^
spent an hour on dressing up myself~
a top + trousers

put on some foundation t0 make myself look healthier~

went there by Fina's bf car~
present prepared by her~ thanks^^

it's a grand party~
lots of people~ very crowded n super hot !!!

had my lunch there~
didn't really eat those curry since I haven't recover from sore throat~
but then~
it's quite nice^^
served with sirap juice and cendol^^

around 1pm~
bride and bridegroom walking to the house~

then~ picture taking time~
I have no idea why they were sitting at there..

... lots of ppl taking pictures~
If I were them... surely I m tired of smiling XD
Sharifah saw me n look at my camera~ ^^
didn't manage to take a photo with her as she was very busy + I went home earlier... 2 bad huh...

~ this is Fina n me~
pretty gurl that dressed up in pink from top to toe~

n here goes.. dear Lina~
she is indeed very lovely~
seldom see her make up n without spec^^
love her eyes =)
*realise that my lips is very red ??? I didn't put any lipstick or lipgloss...
when I m lips is super RED~ lol...

love this cake~
very tall~wanted to taste it.. but too bad I have to leave n go to work.. =(

didn't really have the time to chat with Lina since she was very busy too~
got to hang out with her on other day... ^^

spent about 3 hours there~
n it's quite boring since I talked to 3 ppl only...
other then that... strangers...
not many chinese... making me quite special~ haha^^

souvenir from the wedding party~
chocz muffin~ my fav~ hahaz

back to leisure mall at 4pm~
working life is just normal...
working as a promoter is indeed quite tiring...
but then... I ll try to have fun^^

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