Saturday, May 16, 2009

Daorae - Korean BBQ

2nd celebration...
went to Mount Kiara with Mr.Khang, his wife, Ice n Jenny~
had our dinner at Daorae, Korean BBQ~
it was suppose to be a joke about dining at this place...
we chatted about it last week while working at LMall...
but then at last...
Mr.Khang decided to bring us here~ so nice of him! =)

the tables... n without chairs...
have to take off our shoes be4 going in~
sat on the floor n there's a space aka hole to put our legs under the table~

n well~
since I have never really had a real korean meal before..
I have no idea what to order~
Mr.K made the order~
He ordered 2 plates of pork n other dishes~ non Halal...

realised that it has branch in Bandar Puteri, Puchong... ^^
the chopstick are flat n the spoon is longer~
that's why u ll need to be more polite while eating...

in the same clothing as I didn't go home after MV~

1stly, served with a bowl of soup~

then, lots of starters coming up....
they r FOC~ you can ask for more....
look at the Kimchi...
it's not too spicy...tat's why I like it^^

this is the original one~
here~ it's the one with some special sauce~
the waiter cooked it for us~
n it's quite nice~
it's better to eat it with some veges...
put the piece of meat on a piece of vege, then add some spices, rolled it, n put it into ur mouth~
u ll feel the juice of the meat squeezing out once u have a bite of it... ^^

I guess this is steamed egg~
it's very soft n smooth~

egg with seafood~
it's indeed very nice !
it's really different from the chinese style~
a plate of egg cost around RM30+ o.o

a spicy dish~
well~ I dun really like it...
it is too spicy for me...
thus I didn't really enjoy drinking it's soup... ^^
2 hot for me~
but I guess if u like spicy food, u ll love it^^

not to be missed... Ginseng soup~
there's chicken n some rice in it...
look at the bowl... it seems to be very normal rite?
but then, it's actually quite special~
it has the ability to maintain the temperature of the soup in it...
that's why u ll still see smoke coming out from the soup after 30 minutes^^
this soup often appear in Korean drama~

eating eating eating...
the meal is without rice~

with Jenny^^~
she bought this set of clothing the day be4 this meal at mv....
I kept on asked her to buy it~ XD

cool Ice~

end of the meal....
look at how many plates n bowls are used for a meal of 5....
wow~ Korean women need to wash lots of plates n bowls?
nah.. nowadays, they use machines... ^^

btw~ the meal costed us near to RM200~
I ll die of bankruptcy if often dine like this... >.<

tat area has lots of Korean restaurants n shops~
visited one of it~
various types of Korean drinks...

got myself one n some sweets^^

should visit there again some day~

next~ the night is still young~
Mr.K brought us to Neway at 1 Utama~
Bin spent me a scoop of Gelato ice-cream =)
guess which is mine????

enjoying the ice-cream~ ^^
always my favourite~

Mr.K got me a cake at SRecipe~
it's actually a combination of 4 pieces of chocolate brownies... ^^
Jenny n I again~
well~ yea~ that's how I look like from top to toe
seldom wear something like dat... XD
especially with a skirt n boots...
hmmm... girlish...

Ice again~
smilling this time ^^

all of us^^

we sang from 10pm till 12.45am~
the midnight singing can goes on till 4am...
but then Mr.K n his wife gotta work on the next day~
my 2nd birthday cake...
it's also a very heavy chocz cake.. erm.. brownies...
have to finish eating it~
making my stomach fulled with chocz...

the drinks at there are weird... don't really like it... >.<"

reached home at about 1.30am~
thanks a lot 2 Mr.K for spending the Karaoke session+cake+meal^^
it's a nice night~

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