Saturday, May 30, 2009


had a short yam cha session with the scout gang~
we didn't hang out for a long time as everyone is busy
erm... at least 3 months !
miss 'em !
well, not everyone turn up, there's 10 of us~ 7 gal 3 guys
Elaine is ad back to Msia~
her few months life at USA seems to be very fun~
she did lots of shopping at there~
awww... do hope I can be like her too XD

whenever we hang out together, we are always the noisiest !
indeed... I m not exaggerating...
we have endless topic...
politics, current issues, personal life etc...
updated myself with some news about my 2ndary school stuffs
it's SCARY....
never ever thought that my ex school ll have such happenings....

it's just a random post~
here comes another weekend !
I'm sure something nice will be going on =)
have fun~

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