Thursday, May 21, 2009

it's wednesday !

it's Wednesday again~
a day not to miss out the chance to go for a movie since the tickets are cheaper^^
*I lost my student card*
*that's why I like wednesday* =)

Star Trek~
the beginning of the movie made me dropped tears...
touchy... ^^
overall~ it's a nice movie to me~
some ppl might not like it, especially those who loves to read it's comics~
the 2 hours 15minutes movie can't present the original story in details~
but still, for someone who is new towards star trek(like me), it's nice^^
n it's worth to watch...

had our late lunch with Dan at Kim Gary~
Dan is the best guy in this world ! XD
He had some emergency stuff to be done at PJ~
that's why he didn't make it to join us...
so, he dropped us at MV n came back to us again~
n we were still in the cinema at that time...
imagine... he waited for us for an hour +
he is so nice rite?

Jenny's chocz ice... whatever... I have no idea for it's name^^
I don't LIKE it... XD
seriously... I don't really like the beverages at there~

btw... I spotted someone with a familiar face lorhz...
wondering where I saw him~
but both Jenny n Dan don't think so...
tried to get his picture...
too small... haiz~
p/s: I kept on looking at him... till he realized... O.O
~ aiyo.. can't u understand the feeling?
when u saw someone with a familiar face..
n u can't remember who is he/she.... it's very suffering...
u ll keep on thinking n thinking n yet u can't figure out...
that's why I kept on looking lorhz... >.<
nah... whatever~ forget it...

a short trash talking session at Mcd with Ling, Jacq, Vicky n Keong
everyone was tired
the talk lasted lasted for an hour +
my mum was kinda suprise when I was home be4 11pm~ ^^

*I went out too much...
*kinda exhausted... XD
*always sleep in the car while on the way home... hehe~

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