Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I can't think of a title

juz can't stay at home =p
suppose to be a very good gal on Tuesday since I have no plan...
Ling n Jacq's studies made us seldom hang out nowadays~

YC suggested to get our pc fair cheque in the afternoon...
ended up, I went out again >.<
went to 1 U after that...
well~ things ll not end so soon when u r going out with me... XD
since I am ad out of the house.... should at least have a lunch be4 going home^^
reasonable rite?

guess what we ate?

yea~ there goes...
Carl's Junior
BBQ Chicken Combo~
I have wanted to try their burger ever since the 1st time I saw this shop...
but always failed to do it as I am not hungry enough to eat such a big burger~
tried it at last !
Jenny shared half of it cause I don't really have the mood of eating it.. ^^

actually, I had a few bites only...
most of it eaten by her... XD

well~ I guess such a big burger suits guys better~
can't imagine if I order Superstar combo(it's really HUGE to me)
I have no idea why were they so happy~ ^^
anyway, left to right, Glen, Evil n YC
the 2 guys are YC's coursemates
n something coincident between me n the 2 guys...
both of their gf have the same name with mine !!!!!!! =.= """"
why is my name so common....
nvr mind... at least it is easy to remember... (consoling myself =.=)

then, walked around in 1 U for a while~
went to a few shops that are selling animation stuffs~
walking with guys ll ended up going into such shops ^^
I wanted to buy a pair of high heels that I spotted last Fri...
went to that shop again... n realize it is GONE !!!! =(
awwww..... sob sob

next.... my favourite~ dessert time^^

a shop named as My Honeymoon~
guess they gave such a sweet name because you will feel happy after eating their desserts... haha~

I like the seats...
but the guys complained... =.=
they said : the table is 2 small for 4 person...

those are what we ordered...
looks yummy?
1.Black Sago and Black Grass
2.Ginko, Barley with Soy Bean
3.Marble Soy Bean Curd
4.Mango Cream with Sago and Pamelo

Jenny n me

the guys~
they didn't smile at all when I took their pictures....
luckily they smiled in this picture... ^^

back to my dessert~
mine was Marble soy bean curd =)
(grey taufu fa)

hanged out for a while with Lina n Prisha at night~
miss Lina a lot...
some updates about our life since we didn't meet for quite some time
thanks to her for the dinner~
*sorry for being in a rush~

met up with Dan, Man, Lip,YL n Jenny~
suppose to have a walk at the night market
but ended up at Desa Petaling
had my dinner again... >.<
just a short chat with them n home~

*end* (n_n)

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