Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shogun @ Sunway Piramid

Shogun is having a promotion now~
half price for it's buffet ~ ^^
we planned to go for it since a week ago~
having lunch with them is always the best !^^

*woke up late this morning*
*sorry to both Ling n Jenny for the trouble* >.<
really didn't mean it.....
I should really sleep earlier....=p

camwhore at PY's house while waiting for her to get ready... =)
dress code for the day : dress XD
we have never been so girlish during our outings before....
so, why not have a try ?
pity Vicky....
almost break her legs because of her high heels...
"1 beauty dun 1 life" =p

back to Shogun~
we reached there at 12pm
look at the queue for those who walk in~
(reservations are fully booked)
met Ling's bro n friends...
so, we "jumped queue" =)
it's quite spacious in there... so I guess everyone makes it~

n there we go~
started to look around, aim, n take it ^^
the food there are not bad
but the sashimi -abalone has a weird taste...
well, the white tuna n salmon is quite nice
it has quite a wide range of food choices~
my favourite? bet you can guess it...
desserts ^^
the cakes are not bad... especially the tiramisu and cheese brownies
there's also chocolate foundation + fruits ^^
didn't go for 2nd round for the cakes as I was very full
took 5 scoops of ice cream XD
I m indeed a sweet tooth...
PY loves the chocolate oat cookies^^

some of the food.... all eaten by me XD
*wondering how much weight would i gain O.o*

Vicky, Jacq n me

5 of us =)

Ling's bro n friends~
we have our lunch at the same table~

eating + chit chatting
the session ended at 2.30pm
it's RM24.70 per person ^^
worth to go for a try~ promotion ends in June...

camwhore in the ladies lavatory~
picture not that clear~

Ling n Vicky was very excited when I camwhore... haha

had a short walk in the mall~
sales everywhere ^^

taking picture while the others are trying the shoes at Viss~

went home at 4.30pm to avoid the bad traffic~
a wonderful day =)

oh ya~ thanks to PY's dumplings...
I love it ! XD


Anonymous said...

hv promotions in weekend too??

by arwen

chocz-dreamland said...

nope~ only on weekdays dear~ ^^

Anonymous said...

thx....but until june??
that mean next week??

by arwen