Saturday, November 29, 2008

mIss ya~ gbYe...

managed to attend Elaine's farewell~ =)
went there by Phi's car~
with Fi along~

during the drive~
sumthing wrong with Phi~
he missed 2 junctions~
muz b thinking of his gf~ =p

reached there around 7.40pm~
by following Hao's car since we don't knoe where's her house~

they were enjoying the food~
+ chit chatting~

after that~
it's Elaine's fav~
her singing is not bad~
but once the mic is on the guys hand~
~ our pity ears started to suffer~ =p

enjoying de singing ??? ~

tat's Phi, was very excited~
Fi beside him~

there's a baby there~
kinda cute~
but he is very choosy~
PL is de only one who can hug him~
so bad =(

CV, Elaine, me n Dason~

another pic~
with CF beside me~

Elaine wanted to teach Daph dancing in a sudden~

n here goes~
a pic of Elaine n me~
the gal who is "flying" soon~

@ about 10.30pm~
changed the songs to some Eng Oldies~
n that's the time where everyone join the singing~

oh ya~ there's a group photo~
but then, not in my cam~
so, got to take it from other's cam later~

tat's Daph n me~
but it's kinda dark~

tat's Dason~
his smile -- >
trying to advertise for XXX brand toothpaste ?~

singing~ singing~ screaming~
but it's a fun nite ! went home at 11pm~
the party was still going on~
no idea when it ends~

all de best to Elaine~
n dun forget to bring me souvenirs~ haha =p

it's snowing there....
so nice~

Thursday, November 27, 2008

sAme plAce diffErent accompAnies

spent the noon @ mcd again~
but tiz time with Daph n Ong~
2 of my gd old friends...
Daph was busy wif her assignments~
while Ong with her SPM preparation~
but then, since we didn't meet each other 4 quite sum time~
ended up, we chatted a lot~
or shall i say arguing a lot~ =.=
but then, i still managed to do my revision~
better than being at home...
i ll surely wasted my time on tv,sleeping,surfing net,listening to songs etc...
back home at 7.15pm
kinda tired~

oh ya~ when Ong met me~
the first thing she said is~
"why r u looking so pale ? "
"seems like no energy......"
=( really arr ? sigh~
it is all bcoz of the exam.....
actually, i sleep be4 12pm almost every day~
especially if there's paper the next day~
perhaps it is the stress tat made me turning like tiz~

something running in my mind now~
Elaine is going to US tiz sunday~
so, there's a farewell party tmr nite~
i m wondering... should i go ?
everyone is going~
the pro is~
since i dun knoe how to drive~
i got follow 1 of their car~
i might need to b home late~
my parents ll surely "kill" me~
besides, feeling a bit guilty~ ^^
cause i m hanging out again even though i m having exam now
but~ she is flying away o !
ll surely miss her a lot~

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

half dead~

hmm~ half dead~
ya~ i really mean that~
life is like living in hell now~
but then, a bit better~
at least, i can still sleep, eat, talk, bath.....
>.<"aiks~ i nvr visit hell be4~ how am i suppose 2 knoe i m living better than there ?
wat am i talking about~
arghh~ forget it~
turning a bit crazy now~ =o

okie~ i didn't blog yesterday~
cause i was damn STRESSSSSSSsssssss......
had my BM paper 2 on tues~ which is Ok i guess~
n 2day~ a life taking day~
(okay~ i might b exaggerating = p )
just~ my heart almost jump out 4rm my mouth~
hmm~ y mouth ar ? cause i can't breath~ =.=
history paper 2 in de morning~
which is msia n asia history~
kinda tough~ cause what i focus didn't cum out~
hmm~ but then , i still managed to ans it-remember sum~
ad tried my best~

in de noon~ micro paper~
which is run out of TIME~
it is consider as kinda easy~
but why am i lacking of time ???!!!
i managed to finish the objective parts very soon~
but then, the quantitative ques took me quite sum time~
in de end....
i didn't really have time on my essay ques~
did all~ but i guess sum ans are not complete~
>.<" feels like crying~
but i didn't laa~
no mood 4 it~ ad numb towards tat kind of feeling~
it's over~ shouldn't think so much about it~
just~ a bad feeling~
cause~ it's easy~ n i know how to ans~
but my time management is bad~

stpm~ u r really taking my life~
but i ll still fight with u till de end~
n try my best to b the winner ^^

Monday, November 24, 2008

bOok fAir

after half a day stucking in de library~
went out on de sat eve~
Book Fair @ The Mines~


actually, i m nt really font of chinese books~
but then, since mum wanna go~
i ll just follow~
there's only a corner with eng books- MPH booth~
but then, not really interested~
my mind was kept on thinking of STPM books~ >.<
hmm~ those books r kinda expensive~
even though it is a book fair~

so, just simply walk around wif my bro~
n taking those brochures given by the sales promoter~
once again~ i met de Cambridge(eng tuition centre) promoter... lol~
it's funny when i recalled how Lina n I fool them last time~ ^^
tiz time.. it's better~
a female who approach me~
n asked me a couple of ques only~

n in a sudden... a man approach me~
n he said~ hey gal~ it's good to be a teacher~ bright future~
~have a look @ our booth if u r interested~
do I have a "teacher look" ? >.<"
he handed me a brochure~
but it is nt about teacher stuffs~
msian love books~ ^^

there's a monk giving speech~
i didn't really pay attention to him~

time to go home~
bought a book~
it's just like an encyclopedia~
i like the pics a lot~
but i don't really understand the chinese words in it since it is in "old" chinese words~
it ll b nicer if it is in Eng~

hmm~ do hope i can visit all those places sum day~ ^^

camwhore ~

Friday, November 21, 2008


plan changed~
left 3 days be4 de next paper comes~
went to library wif Ling2~
cause she is driving~ yeah~ ^^

de 1st day(yesterday)
@ around 3.30pm~
~ can't study anymore~
brain goes to max~ =p
so, decided to go home~
guess wat~
when ling2 wanna start her car......
realized a paper under the car whipper
her reaction : HUH?!
MPSJ saman~ lol~
both of us were so blur~
we don't knoe tat we need to pay parking fee @ tat area~
RM80 4 a lesson(whoa...wHoa....WHOA.....)
(heard from mum we can ask 4 a discount~ luckily^^)
innocent gal~

after de lesson~
parked her car @ de residential area 2day~
but then~ need to walk a bit~
a little walking is gd 4 us, rite ?^^

Thursday, November 20, 2008

love it~

love tiz song a lot~


David Archuleta

I hung up
The phone tonight
Something happened
For the first time
Deep inside
It was a rush
What a rush
'Cause the possibility
That you would ever
Feel the same way
About me
It's just too much
Just too much
Why do I keep running
From the truth
All I ever think
About is you
You got me hypnotized
So mesmerized
And I just got to know

Do you ever think
When you're all alone
All that we can be
Where this can go
Am I crazy
Or falling in love
Is it really
Just another crush
Do you catch a breath
When I look at you
Are you holding back
Like the way you do
'Cause I'm trying, trying to walk away
But I know this crush
Ain't goin' away
Goin' away

Has it ever crossed
Your mind
When were hangin'
Spending time girl
Are we just friends
Is there more
Is there more
See it's a chance
We've gotta take
Cause I believe
That we can
Make this into
That will last
Last forever

Do you ever think
When you're all alone
All that we can be
Where this thing can go
Am I crazy
Or falling in love
Is it really just
Another crush
Do you catch a breath
When I look at you
Are you holding back
Like the way you do
'Cause I'm trying,trying to walk away
But I know this crush
Ain't goin' away
Goin' away

Why do I keep running
From the truth
All I ever think
About is you
You got me hypnotized
So mesmerized
And I just got to know

Do you ever think
When you're all alone
All that we can be
Where this can go
Am I crazy
Or falling in love
Is it really just
Another crush
Do you catch a breath
When I look at you
Are you holding back
Like the way you do
'Cause I'm trying, tryin to walk away
But I know this crush
Ain't goin' away
Goin' away
Goin' away

Sitti Nurbaya~

watched an Indon drama recently~
juz a few episodes~ caused de drama has ended~
found tiz drama when i was bored of doing revision~
I like it's theme song^^

Theme song of Sinetron Sitti Nurbaya

Sitti Nurbaya

Buka mata, buka hati
Dan engkau akan mengerti
Kisah ini
Tidak lagi ada ragu
Cintaku hanya untuknya
Aku bersamanya
Oh dunia
Takkan perduli

Mesti ragah diam tanpa daya
Jangan paksa hati
Untuk bersandiwara
Meskipun nanti
Aku tak bersamanya
Tapi kisahku
Kan abadi
Tapi kisahku
Kan abadi

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

lEaving u @ last~

another update~
history paper~
a paper tat made me feels like tat ---
memorized those history facts till my brain gonna burst !
at last~i can put away tat book^^
(tamadun dunia & islam)
a bit relieve after tiz paper~
still have 6 more papers coming up~
hmm~ smthg unexpected came out in tiz history paper~
but then, i did manage to ans them~
hope i can score it~
kept on writing in tat 3 hours~
till my hands r turning RED~
luckily i finished de essay in de last minute~
wif a simply conclusion(no enough time lorrr.... )
tiz is juz paper 1~
still got to face paper 2 next week~
(sejarah msia & asia)

gambateh ya gurl~

p/s: thanks 2 those who console me in yesterday's paper~ ^^

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

gOne~ gIve up?............

juz had my PA 2 paper~
de most important paper~
damn sad now~
it is really bad, terrible~

my Bhg D(graph) n Bhg E-" hancur"!!!!
it is really out of my expectation~

de stupid Bhg E~
2 same type of ques~
i nvr do tat ques be4~
Bhg D~ my graph is totally wrong~
no hope @ all~ i was trembling~
~ very nervous @ tat moment~
n i think tat's de reason tat made me can't think properly~
y can't i figure out de pie chart???!!!
-which is easier comparing 2 de bar chart~
i wasted > 30 minutes thinking of the bar chart
making me crazy~
->n lastly drew a wrong one~

i m so angry n disappointed of myself~
but i manage 2 make myself calm down~
i kept on reminding myself~
it is STPM~ only 1 chance~
no matter what is happening~
u have to finish de other sections~
u must try ur best~
u can't make ur parents disappointed~
so, lastly~
managed to finish de other sections~

but then, section D n E ~

i m really sad~
i nvr face such situation be4~

Monday, November 17, 2008


de messy sofa~
with all my notes~
guess wat~ de whole house is full with my books n notes~
cause~ i ll nt study @ a place only~
i ll study on the sofa, my bed, my table, comp table etc~
except toilet laa~ ^^

what is tiz ?
my exam slip~
whoa~ the day is coming @ last~
exam gonna start tmr @ 8am~
all de best 2 myself~

gal~ u can do it !!!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

tIps ???

received 3 same sms~

the contents :

08 PA BhgB-Alam sekitar, p'makanan, biotek, p'tanian organik, makanan suplemen
BhgC-Rkun neg, rasuah, kad kredit
BhgD-graf garis n carta
pls send to other friends

PA=Pengajian Am=General Paper

believe it ????
i didn't forward de message 2 others~
i guess all my frenz ad gt tat sms~
anyway, thanks 2 my frenz who forward it 2 me~
(KXin, YBin, Lina)
don't really believe it~
besides, it is nt specific~
but, take it as an extra info~ ll nt hurt u~

made me recall smthg~
during SPM~
there's also a similar sms
regarding to "dunno which subject" - forgotten^^

is tiz smthg gd or bad ????
if it is fake~
it is really wasting other ppl's money~
hmmm~ whatever~

the end of tiz post~
have to date with my History book again~

de samE ting~

spent sat morning at Mcd again~
but tiz time~
with more frenz around~
Lina, Prisha, Des, Happy Fruit, YLin, YSun~
I did my revision with Lina~
which is History again~
trying my best to memorize those facts~
i must score an A for my history~
but it is killing me now......

sum pic after revision~
still manage to smile huh ?~

lunch @ a "mamak" with Lina n Prisha~
tat's "nasi goreng kampung"
nt bad~ mayb i was too hungry~
oh ya~ did u realise smthg~
when u kept on studying, u ll feel hungry easily ?
n i hate tiz~
cause when i keep on eating~
i ll gain weight !!!! =.=

both of them posing~

tat's all~

Friday, November 14, 2008

deAth race + a routiNe~

death race~ watched it in the evening~
to let my brain have some rest~
who knows~
the movie made my heart jumping fast~ >.<"
a hyper-violent race~
a killer race~
quite interesting~
p/s : nt suitable 4 kids~
really 2 aggressive~

back to serious stuffs~
my study week~
dOing the same thing~
every day~ =.=

wake @ 7.30am~
prepared myself~
n reach Mcd @ 9pm~
have my breakfast wif Happy Fruit~
start my revision~
(when i m tired~ ll start observing the ppl there)
till around 2pm~

n i ll not touch my books after tat~
ll only do some light revision be4 i sleep~

i m consider as kinda lazy rite ?....
can't help~
can't face the book in the noon~
ll automatically Zzzzz.......

my mind seems to b fulled~
perhaps the exam is too near~ 3days left~
can't study too much~
can't remember~ arghhhh~
especiallyi History~ driving me crazy~
brain gonna BURST !!!!

Omg~ really stress !!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


it was almost 1am~
n guess who r in tiz chatbox ?
upper 6 students~
who r going 2 face exam next week~
releasing stress ???
lol~ no idea~
i left the chatroom very soon~
too complicated in there~

took a nap tiz noon~
i had a bad dream !!!!
i dreamed about STPM~
i dreamed tat i can't answer the paper~
can't really remember wat subject it is~
i think it is econs n GP~
i was very panic~
n can't write a single word~
blank minded~
n almost cry~
really scares me off~
god bless me~
i am really worry~
i m really scare~
it's my 1st time to have such dream~

Mcd~ i'm lovin it~

i love it's environment~
since tues~
spending my morning @ Mcd~
did my revision there wif Happy Fruit~

so, we ll have our breakfast there @ the same time~
Mcd's breakfast~
it's my 1st time to have my breakfast there~
ordered Hotcakes on de 1st day~

tat's the hotcakes set~
2 hotcakes~
1 hashbrown~
n a cup of coffee~

after adding syrup n magarine~
the syrup is just like honey~ ^^
overall, not bad~
but then, i think it is kinda expensive 4 a breakfast~
ll bankrupt if i eat smthg like tiz every morning >.<
the cup of coffee~
bottomless~ refill as much as u like~
actually, i can't drink coffee nor tea~
but those 2 r the only drinks they offer in the morning~
sometimes, i ll suffer from gastric after drinking tat~

tiz Mcd has very good business~
there r ppl at every moment~
n especially during lunch time~
very crowded~

realised smthg~
kindergarten kids ll have their lunch here~
along with their teachers~
in a special room~
they r so cute~ ^^

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


u r making me pissed off~
am i tat untruthitude ?
told u be4~
I have my own style of doing things~
hate following ur way~
like myself being tiz way~
it is the best 4 myself~
comfortable 2 me~
I didn't fool u~
trying 2 do smthg seriously~
in another way~
worrying about it too~
putting effort in it~
nvr a praise~
words 2 put me down~

how can u do tiz ???!!!
ur thinking is sickening me~

nite @ Mcd

juz home from Mcd wif Des, YL n Wen~
did sum econs exercises there~

i can't study @ home~ >.<

there goes a pic of YL n Wen~
they were bz-ing wif their Maths-S~
(luckily i didn't take maths =p)

exam is coming very soon~
really worry~

SPM starting 2mr,
opps~ it's ad after midnite~
so, starts 2day~^^
all the best to all my frenz who r taking SPM~

till here~
have to face my revision again~ =(

Monday, November 10, 2008

PROSTAR farewell

went 2 school in de noon to attend PROSTAR n PRS farewell lunch~
took bus wif Lina~
really lazy to go~
but then, we hav ad paid RM10 4 it~

be4 tat~
went to the teacher's office to do smthg~
met our teachers n they were wondering y r we at school~
especially Miss Doremon^^

back 2 the farewell~
venue : Kafe Seri
time : 1.20pm

those catering students cooked 4 tiz farewell~
anyway~ quite a boring farewell~
cause we went there to eat only~
didn't communicate much with those lwr 6 since i m nt tat close with them~
so, chatted wif sum Upper 6 friends only~

we had nasi briyani~
overall, the food r nice~

catering students in white uniforms~
it is a buffe style lunch~

those were wat i ate~

the desserts~ like the bread cream puffs^^

n there goes~
pic of my friends enjoying their food~
tiz is anan~

tiz is Lina~ trying to cut the chicken~

n Bob~
who is abnormal 2day~
cause he can't finish his food~

pic of me n Lina~
camwhore~ =p
it was actually a hot day~
i was sweating~

n we got a souvenir-keychain~
much more better than the MT6 keychain~


oh ya~ not enough drink r being provided~
we have to buy ourself a drink after lunch~ >.<

tat's all~
after buying stationaries 4 exam~
Lina n I went home by bus~

Sunday, November 9, 2008

laSt daY @ KL + a fU*ker

spEnt my sunday @ kl~
last day of going to KL~
my last micro tuition class~
dad sent me 2 kl~ ^^
attended 2 hours class~
lurvv u so much~

accompanied Bin n Phui2 2 have lunch~
went to KFC again~
i didn't eat duh~
since it is a sunday~
there r lots of foreign workers aka Indon @ tiz KL area~
sick of tat~ >.<"

bought 3 doughnuts @ de Petaling Street~
nice~ ^^
n bought "Cendol" too~ bye to tat KL area~

took Rapid to Pudu~
nearly "bang" by a car while crossing road~ =.=
i admit~ i don't know how to cross road~
even thought i m ad 18 tiz year~ >.<""

meet up wif my frenz n went 4 lunch~
it is so difficult to get a Malay stall @ tat area~
so, we walked 4 quite a long time~
at last, had our lunch @ de Malay stall opposite The Store~
mee goreng aka fried noodles~
which is too spicy 4 me~

Lina's sirap lemon drink~
the colour is nice~
but sweet^^

Puny enjoying her Nasi Lemak~

Lina posing~
herm~ actually~
she was kept on busy sms-ing with her bf =p

n tiz is Prisha~

n of course~ tiz is me =p

it rained heavily~
i shared my umbrella wif Lina~
but both of us r kinda wet too~

managed 2 take a photo of them in the rain =p

my frenz @ the tuition class~

tiz pic was taken during rest time~
tat guy~ we don't knoe him~ >.<" @ last~ A pic of us only

chatted with Mr.Subra 4 a while~
bcoz of a ques~ nt satisfy with the ans given~
n Lina told teacher about my result~
kinda embarrassing~
cause the T mentioned it to de whole class~

class ended @ 7pm~
C ya Mr.Subra~
he is a funny teacher~
ll miss him even though i met him twice only~
anyway, appreciate the wishes 4rm Mr.Subra~^^
I ll try my best !

sum pics wif frenz while waiting 4 de bus~

n now~
to the climax~
crowded Rapid KL~
managed 2 squeezed ourself in de bus~
have to hold Puny n Lina's hand to balance myself~
n smthg very embarrassing happened !!!!!
i fell when de bus made a sharp corner turning~
Eeee~ da*n embarrassing lor~
made me sat on the floor~
Lina also fell n sat on my laps~
it's really funny~
all the ppl around laughed @ us~
n of course~
we can't stop laughing too~ >.<
tiz is happening de 1st time in my life~
the Pakistan guy who was standing behind me~
gave me a smile after getting down 4rm de bus~
Eeee~ he must be feeling funny of tat incident~

after tat incident~
a stupid Indon tried to "molest" me~
arghh~ fu*k him~
(shouldn't use a rude word~ but i hate these type of ppl so much!!!)
his elbow kept on like wanna touching my "tat part"
so, i stand nearer to Lina 2 avoid 4rm him~
but then,
his hand kept on moving~
n rub against my hand~ arghh!
feel like wanna kill him~
so, i stared @ him 4 a while~
so do Lina~
cause he kept on use his stomach to rub against
Lina's hand tat is holding the handrail be4 tat~
stuPid fella~
arghhh~ i hate Indon so much !!!!
anyway, we gt down 4rm the bus soon~
so, didn't scold him~
should scold him rite ??? ~