Monday, November 3, 2008


nothing special in de mOrning~
during reCess~
i bought sumthing from the cantEen 2 eat~
didn't eat cAnteen's food for a few months duh~
cause they r too oily~

p/s :
forgotten to mention sumthin terrible~
since yesTerday, my stOmach is very naUghty~
guess wat~ i went in to the tOilet 4 6 times yesterday~
it is like,
rite after i eat smthg, i ll need to meet Mr.T~
god~ wat happened ?
i woNdered izzit food poisonous ???
but theN, luckily~
i becum nOrmal 2dAy~
god bLess~
or else, i ll hav 2 suFfer 4rm hunGer~

got the lOcal uNi register number 2day~
ll use it on neXt year n alSo after takIng stpm result~
do hOpe i can get into uNi successfully~

@ around 11.30pm
went to the hall to help~
my school ll host the AGM of PROSTAR Petaling 2day~
thEn, went to takE photos afTer school wit liNa~
thOse photos r as a prEsent for our teacheRs~
gt ourself a chOcz top be4 goin baCk 2 schOol~

lots of schOOl didn't turn up 4 the AGM~
there r only about 11 schools~
a very BORING event~ =.=
summore, the VIP is late~
i am responsible @ the registration cOunter~

de photo taken @ registration counTer~

had ouR lunch @ around 3pm~
not nice @ all~
juz mihun n 2 kuih~

gt stuck in the hall 4 an hour~
really boring lorrr ~
those r the VIP~
actually, i don't knoe them either~

hmm~ someone giving speech~
sum of the studeNts who came~ in casual clothes~
they look like gangster~ >.<"" 3 of us~ took a pic as we were too bored~

went home @ 5.45pm be4 tat AGM ends~ =p
a tired day 4 me~
proof--> i slept accidentally whiLe watching tv shOw~ ^^

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