Monday, November 3, 2008


outdated post~ ~.<


after the birthday party on fri nite~
felt a little bit guilty =p
so, did my econs hw till almost 3am~
was very tired ! went to econs tuition as usual in the morning~
it can b said to be the last day~
so, all of my friends decided to wear wHite T~
included me too~ ^^
decided to take a pic with mr.Gopal as a memory~
but, guess wat had happened ???
after posing with teacher,
a malay gurl helped us to take the pic~
2 times o !
but then, ended up,
she didn't snap the pic !!!!
omg~ so, we don't have any photo with tiz teacher~
so sad~ sob* sob*

rite after my tUition,
went to meet 2 of my bf~
which is lina n puny~
had a quick lunch @ "restoran yusoff"(near to CM)
juz a plate of fried rice =)
i ate juz like i was swallowing the plate of rice !
was in a rush to attend the history seminar @ trimatra tuition centre~
met cv n ting @ the seminar~
the class was very full !
fulled with martin tuition centre students i guess~
had a 3++ hours of seminar~
without complete NOTES !!!
guess wat, i have nvr came across such an inefficient tuition centre~
really wanna bash them~(since when i m so violent?... >.<"")
the teacher spot a lots of ques 4 us~
the notes r very thick~
i really hope i can score in my history paper~
god bless me ! home with 2 of them by bus~
kinda crowded~
reached home @ near to 9pm~
exhausted !

bro went to attend the his school prefect's farewell nite @ bkt jalil golf club~
so, waited him to b home~
ended up, reached MBJ @ almost 1am~
n doze off~ ^^


woke up kinda late =p
went to kl purposely juz to take the seminar notes~
arghh~ troublesome~
dad sent me there~ thanks daddy~^^
after taking notes~
wanna buy currypuffs @ the petaling street~
but then, sold out~ =(
met my dear cousin bro~ Yuan~ such a suprise ! ^^
he came for the kasturi SPM seminar~
bought "cakoi" aka "you tiao" home~
erm~ wat is it in eng arh ?
back home after tat~

the bad traffic in kl~

these r the seMinar notes i mentioned !
a lot~
sum r for my frenz~

oh ya~
let me mumble a bit about Petaling Street~
i have been coming to kl for tuition since Form 3~
quite a few years till now duh~
but i nvr really walk in tat area~
most of the time, rushing to tuition n then rushing home~
i don't like tiz area~
to me, it is too crowded ! noisy n dirty(sad to say tat)...
Petaling Street aka China Town is one of the tourism place~
but, too bad it is dirty~
n the air in tat area is polluted~
n the one i hate the most ~ lots of "Indon" there~
tiz year~
i went to a few places in PS to have my lunch~
-i used to hav lunch at MCD or KFC only~
so, for those food places~
what shall i say ?
a word to describe~ dirty~
but the taste~ok laa~
so, i guess i ll nt come to tiz area again after my last tuition class~

so, wat is tiz called in eng ?
tiz one is super big~ ^^
it is only RM0.70 4 one~
oh ya, hav u ever tried 2 eat it wif soya bean milk ?
i luv tat a lot =p

okay ~ enough~
back to my day^^
cousin bro-Ping n aunt came for a while in the noon 4 a visit~

mumbled by dad 4 using the old mineral bottle~
he is very sensitive about tat~
very poisonous o~
i lost my lovely bottle a few weeks ago~
such a clumsy gal !
i guess i have lost almost 10 bottles in my life =p
so, he brought me to Jusco n i got myself a nice pink bottle =)
hOpe u ll stay with me~ n ll nt lost urself again~

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