Sunday, November 9, 2008

laSt daY @ KL + a fU*ker

spEnt my sunday @ kl~
last day of going to KL~
my last micro tuition class~
dad sent me 2 kl~ ^^
attended 2 hours class~
lurvv u so much~

accompanied Bin n Phui2 2 have lunch~
went to KFC again~
i didn't eat duh~
since it is a sunday~
there r lots of foreign workers aka Indon @ tiz KL area~
sick of tat~ >.<"

bought 3 doughnuts @ de Petaling Street~
nice~ ^^
n bought "Cendol" too~ bye to tat KL area~

took Rapid to Pudu~
nearly "bang" by a car while crossing road~ =.=
i admit~ i don't know how to cross road~
even thought i m ad 18 tiz year~ >.<""

meet up wif my frenz n went 4 lunch~
it is so difficult to get a Malay stall @ tat area~
so, we walked 4 quite a long time~
at last, had our lunch @ de Malay stall opposite The Store~
mee goreng aka fried noodles~
which is too spicy 4 me~

Lina's sirap lemon drink~
the colour is nice~
but sweet^^

Puny enjoying her Nasi Lemak~

Lina posing~
herm~ actually~
she was kept on busy sms-ing with her bf =p

n tiz is Prisha~

n of course~ tiz is me =p

it rained heavily~
i shared my umbrella wif Lina~
but both of us r kinda wet too~

managed 2 take a photo of them in the rain =p

my frenz @ the tuition class~

tiz pic was taken during rest time~
tat guy~ we don't knoe him~ >.<" @ last~ A pic of us only

chatted with Mr.Subra 4 a while~
bcoz of a ques~ nt satisfy with the ans given~
n Lina told teacher about my result~
kinda embarrassing~
cause the T mentioned it to de whole class~

class ended @ 7pm~
C ya Mr.Subra~
he is a funny teacher~
ll miss him even though i met him twice only~
anyway, appreciate the wishes 4rm Mr.Subra~^^
I ll try my best !

sum pics wif frenz while waiting 4 de bus~

n now~
to the climax~
crowded Rapid KL~
managed 2 squeezed ourself in de bus~
have to hold Puny n Lina's hand to balance myself~
n smthg very embarrassing happened !!!!!
i fell when de bus made a sharp corner turning~
Eeee~ da*n embarrassing lor~
made me sat on the floor~
Lina also fell n sat on my laps~
it's really funny~
all the ppl around laughed @ us~
n of course~
we can't stop laughing too~ >.<
tiz is happening de 1st time in my life~
the Pakistan guy who was standing behind me~
gave me a smile after getting down 4rm de bus~
Eeee~ he must be feeling funny of tat incident~

after tat incident~
a stupid Indon tried to "molest" me~
arghh~ fu*k him~
(shouldn't use a rude word~ but i hate these type of ppl so much!!!)
his elbow kept on like wanna touching my "tat part"
so, i stand nearer to Lina 2 avoid 4rm him~
but then,
his hand kept on moving~
n rub against my hand~ arghh!
feel like wanna kill him~
so, i stared @ him 4 a while~
so do Lina~
cause he kept on use his stomach to rub against
Lina's hand tat is holding the handrail be4 tat~
stuPid fella~
arghhh~ i hate Indon so much !!!!
anyway, we gt down 4rm the bus soon~
so, didn't scold him~
should scold him rite ??? ~


CLF said...

bad luck girl.... next time be more careful ya, KL not very safe.

at least spare a pepper spray around when go out.

chocz-dreamland said...


pepper spray arr ?
don knoe where 2 get it~ =)

Hanny said...

Sis Pei Voon, u should scold d fu*k*r and show some colours!! I've almost 'molest' by a Indon guy too when I was about in d rapid bus in way back to home last year...d Indon touch my butt 2 TIMES!!! really want beat dat guy...STUPID INDON GUY...AND I HATE THEM!!

chocz-dreamland said...

regret tat i didn't scold him~
tat's y~ hate taking bus from kl~

u too~ tc ya~
cause u r always going to kl~

after seventeen said...

you bring the needle together if you taking bus again..who is dare molest you ,just stab him..

chocz-dreamland said...

needle~ very dangerous~
nvr mind~
i seldom go to kl now~ tuition has ended^^