Saturday, November 29, 2008

mIss ya~ gbYe...

managed to attend Elaine's farewell~ =)
went there by Phi's car~
with Fi along~

during the drive~
sumthing wrong with Phi~
he missed 2 junctions~
muz b thinking of his gf~ =p

reached there around 7.40pm~
by following Hao's car since we don't knoe where's her house~

they were enjoying the food~
+ chit chatting~

after that~
it's Elaine's fav~
her singing is not bad~
but once the mic is on the guys hand~
~ our pity ears started to suffer~ =p

enjoying de singing ??? ~

tat's Phi, was very excited~
Fi beside him~

there's a baby there~
kinda cute~
but he is very choosy~
PL is de only one who can hug him~
so bad =(

CV, Elaine, me n Dason~

another pic~
with CF beside me~

Elaine wanted to teach Daph dancing in a sudden~

n here goes~
a pic of Elaine n me~
the gal who is "flying" soon~

@ about 10.30pm~
changed the songs to some Eng Oldies~
n that's the time where everyone join the singing~

oh ya~ there's a group photo~
but then, not in my cam~
so, got to take it from other's cam later~

tat's Daph n me~
but it's kinda dark~

tat's Dason~
his smile -- >
trying to advertise for XXX brand toothpaste ?~

singing~ singing~ screaming~
but it's a fun nite ! went home at 11pm~
the party was still going on~
no idea when it ends~

all de best to Elaine~
n dun forget to bring me souvenirs~ haha =p

it's snowing there....
so nice~


Anonymous said... fun....
chooi voon change a lot.....long time no c her already.xD

by arwen

daph said...

she'll be suffering from homesick.
first--> her birthday,
2nd--> "dong zhi" (no more dumpling soup)
3rd--> christmas (maybe not so)
4th--> new year (not so, due to the mood there)
5th--> chinese new year, everyone gets angpau except her, alone without family there. lol. pity.

chocz-dreamland said...

izzit ? ^^
much more prettier le~

lol~ u r so bad~
who knows she might enjoy there~ =p
celebrating xmas there muz b very nice~

daph said...