Friday, November 7, 2008


early in de morning~

my study week has started~
my god !
10 days more to face the war...
went 2 Lina's house 4 revision yesterday noon~
my house is TOO comfortable~
n i ll hav lots of excuse to avoid 4rm doing revision~

went 4 econs seminar @ Martin Tuition Centre 2day~
my 1st time 2 there~
went with Lina, Puny n Prisha~
by Rapid bus~
had my lunch @ KFC~
a pic of puny in KFC~

lots of gangster students there~
brainless guys~
lousy service~
actually, i don't really like KFC~
cause i m nt really a "meat eater"
but then, they r not much food shops there~
=( tat's y~ got to eat tat~
ordered Meltz~
n it is nt nice at all !
tiz KFC has no quality @ all~ argh~

the tuition started 4rm 2.30pm till 7pm~
with no rest time in the middle~ >.<""
the econs teacher is Mr. Subra~
an Indian Muslim~
in his class~
he told us lots of current issues~
smthg regarding 2 Obama~ etc~
it's micro seminar~
he didn't really teach us since it is a seminar~
he told us which chapter tat we should focus~
n did sum exercises~
in the beginning~
i was abit sleepy =p
after eating, ll surely feel sleepy~

took rapid KL home after tat~
n we missed one bus~
cause it was fulled~
the 2nd one~
crowded like hell !!!
my 1st time to b in such situation in a bus~
i managed to get in~
juz @ the door of the bus~
n when the door is closing~
it kept on hit my left foot~
da*M it~
a couple of times of closing n opening~
luckily i m wearing shoes 2day~
let me describe of how's the condition inside the bus~
1st, i hav nothing to hold~
2nd~ lots of guys around me~
~ my frenz r @ another corner~
3rd~ i m almost like being hug by those guys~
=.= such a bad feeling~
hate taking BUS so much~
but luckily, the bus driver is a nice guy~
he is caring 2wards us~

i did say be4 i m nt going to econs seminar~
coz it seems like useless~
hav to pay RM40 4 it~
it is consider as cheap~
4 hour++ 4 each mirco n macro~
but then, decided to go 4 it 2day~
bcoz ?
wanna try a different teacher style~
n i actually prefer Mr. Gopal more~ ^^
but of course, his class ll nt b as interesting as
Mr.Subra's class~

when i hav no mood to continue de revision~
did smthing like tiz~
2 bookmarks 4 Lina n Puny~
2 all my frenz who r sitting 4 MUET 2mr~
all the best ya~ ^^

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