Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mcd~ i'm lovin it~

i love it's environment~
since tues~
spending my morning @ Mcd~
did my revision there wif Happy Fruit~

so, we ll have our breakfast there @ the same time~
Mcd's breakfast~
it's my 1st time to have my breakfast there~
ordered Hotcakes on de 1st day~

tat's the hotcakes set~
2 hotcakes~
1 hashbrown~
n a cup of coffee~

after adding syrup n magarine~
the syrup is just like honey~ ^^
overall, not bad~
but then, i think it is kinda expensive 4 a breakfast~
ll bankrupt if i eat smthg like tiz every morning >.<
the cup of coffee~
bottomless~ refill as much as u like~
actually, i can't drink coffee nor tea~
but those 2 r the only drinks they offer in the morning~
sometimes, i ll suffer from gastric after drinking tat~

tiz Mcd has very good business~
there r ppl at every moment~
n especially during lunch time~
very crowded~

realised smthg~
kindergarten kids ll have their lunch here~
along with their teachers~
in a special room~
they r so cute~ ^^

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