Tuesday, November 18, 2008

gOne~ gIve up?............

juz had my PA 2 paper~
de most important paper~
damn sad now~
it is really bad, terrible~

my Bhg D(graph) n Bhg E-" hancur"!!!!
it is really out of my expectation~

de stupid Bhg E~
2 same type of ques~
i nvr do tat ques be4~
Bhg D~ my graph is totally wrong~
no hope @ all~ i was trembling~
~ very nervous @ tat moment~
n i think tat's de reason tat made me can't think properly~
y can't i figure out de pie chart???!!!
-which is easier comparing 2 de bar chart~
i wasted > 30 minutes thinking of the bar chart
making me crazy~
->n lastly drew a wrong one~

i m so angry n disappointed of myself~
but i manage 2 make myself calm down~
i kept on reminding myself~
it is STPM~ only 1 chance~
no matter what is happening~
u have to finish de other sections~
u must try ur best~
u can't make ur parents disappointed~
so, lastly~
managed to finish de other sections~

but then, section D n E ~

i m really sad~
i nvr face such situation be4~


CLF said...

Dont let the first paper turn you down.

You still got 7 papers left, so instead of weeping for the first paper, concentrate on the other 7.

What's done is done, you can never correct it anymore, so just let it be~
即来之,则安之~ :)

after seventeen said...

ya la...don't disappointed

chocz-dreamland said...

hmm~ yep~ u r rite~
still have other papers to go~
need to b tough~
hope i can do well~

after 17,
can't b not disappointed~
can't do anything duh~

Hanny said...

gambatte on the next paper...hope d PA 1 will help u get the better marks...

chocz-dreamland said...

hanny, thanks~
yep~ hope i can do well in pa 1, need to "save" my pa 2~ ^^