Wednesday, November 5, 2008

gRaduate~ A

hot news 4 the day~
Obama as the new president of America~
nt really into their country's politics~
so, no comments~ ^^

back to my last day of school life~
it is a busy, tired n rushing day....

puny brought sum dwali biscuits 4 us~

i was bc preparing the card for BM T~
did it last nite~
have to do sum final touch in the class~
stay away frm me~
i m busy~
ll "cut" u if u disturb me~ ....

lina took my pic again when i was bc~

dang~ dang~ dang~ dang~ the card~ tat's the front~
the dics is juz 4 deco only~

the back~
with sum words~
tiz card is suppose 2 be attached wif a present~

bob took a pic of lina n me discussing sumthing~

at last, a pic with 2 of my best friends~

posing with lina~

have to go to the "dewan seri" after recess~
got to listen 2 sum speeches~
on the way there~
passed by my junior's classroom~
oh ya, i hav forgotten to mentioned sumthing~
Step(my junior aka lwr6) sent me a message(MSN) yesterday~
it's very nice n lovely~
took a photo with her n Janet~

there goes~ 2 pretty gals n me~

another pic of me n sum form5 juniors in the hall~
the 1st(left) indian guy~
i don't know him..>.<
y is he in tiz pic ?
pHui yee n me~

with meow n kar yin~

kar yin n me~
a gal who likes to "play" with my hair~

with the gals 4rm 6 Setia class~
nice friends~ ^^

sumthing 4rm PIBG n KLIUC~
a notebook n sum stationeries~

hav to clean the classrooms after tat~
cleaned 5 Erat~
tat class is very dirty !!!
seems like they nvr clean their class be4~
i m going to hav my exam in 5 Rajin classroom~

with Yap~ she is a very hardworking gal~
strong determination~

tiz is Soon~
the tallest gal in Upper 6~
pretty n clever too~ ^^

Ester~ nice gal too~
very gd in English~

wif Pn. Nor Aizan~
n sum of my classmates~

oh ya~ took sum photos with T~
but then, most of the pic r wif lina's camera~
so, ll update those photos later~

Creative class gals posing with thier "tidy" uniforms~

my memorial books~
ll keep them forever~

went to Jusco Cheras after tat~
ll update the details tmr ya~
too tired~ nite !

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