Monday, November 24, 2008

bOok fAir

after half a day stucking in de library~
went out on de sat eve~
Book Fair @ The Mines~


actually, i m nt really font of chinese books~
but then, since mum wanna go~
i ll just follow~
there's only a corner with eng books- MPH booth~
but then, not really interested~
my mind was kept on thinking of STPM books~ >.<
hmm~ those books r kinda expensive~
even though it is a book fair~

so, just simply walk around wif my bro~
n taking those brochures given by the sales promoter~
once again~ i met de Cambridge(eng tuition centre) promoter... lol~
it's funny when i recalled how Lina n I fool them last time~ ^^
tiz time.. it's better~
a female who approach me~
n asked me a couple of ques only~

n in a sudden... a man approach me~
n he said~ hey gal~ it's good to be a teacher~ bright future~
~have a look @ our booth if u r interested~
do I have a "teacher look" ? >.<"
he handed me a brochure~
but it is nt about teacher stuffs~
msian love books~ ^^

there's a monk giving speech~
i didn't really pay attention to him~

time to go home~
bought a book~
it's just like an encyclopedia~
i like the pics a lot~
but i don't really understand the chinese words in it since it is in "old" chinese words~
it ll b nicer if it is in Eng~

hmm~ do hope i can visit all those places sum day~ ^^

camwhore ~


hong loong said...

nt "old" chinese tradisional chinese,but in m'sia mostly of the chinese learn simple chinese lauguage....^^

CLF said...

actually read traditional chinese is just like the same for simplified, dunno why but I automatically can read traditional words.
but if u ask me write it out, die! lol

pretty girl, you still can groom urself nicely although under exam stress hahah. :D

chocz-dreamland said...

hl, okie~ trad~ ^^ but it is also old=p ~thanks 4 tat~

clf, ~so nice~ i can only read a few~
praising or criticism? hmm~ ^^