Wednesday, November 19, 2008

lEaving u @ last~

another update~
history paper~
a paper tat made me feels like tat ---
memorized those history facts till my brain gonna burst !
at last~i can put away tat book^^
(tamadun dunia & islam)
a bit relieve after tiz paper~
still have 6 more papers coming up~
hmm~ smthg unexpected came out in tiz history paper~
but then, i did manage to ans them~
hope i can score it~
kept on writing in tat 3 hours~
till my hands r turning RED~
luckily i finished de essay in de last minute~
wif a simply conclusion(no enough time lorrr.... )
tiz is juz paper 1~
still got to face paper 2 next week~
(sejarah msia & asia)

gambateh ya gurl~

p/s: thanks 2 those who console me in yesterday's paper~ ^^

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