Friday, November 14, 2008

deAth race + a routiNe~

death race~ watched it in the evening~
to let my brain have some rest~
who knows~
the movie made my heart jumping fast~ >.<"
a hyper-violent race~
a killer race~
quite interesting~
p/s : nt suitable 4 kids~
really 2 aggressive~

back to serious stuffs~
my study week~
dOing the same thing~
every day~ =.=

wake @ 7.30am~
prepared myself~
n reach Mcd @ 9pm~
have my breakfast wif Happy Fruit~
start my revision~
(when i m tired~ ll start observing the ppl there)
till around 2pm~

n i ll not touch my books after tat~
ll only do some light revision be4 i sleep~

i m consider as kinda lazy rite ?....
can't help~
can't face the book in the noon~
ll automatically Zzzzz.......

my mind seems to b fulled~
perhaps the exam is too near~ 3days left~
can't study too much~
can't remember~ arghhhh~
especiallyi History~ driving me crazy~
brain gonna BURST !!!!

Omg~ really stress !!!!

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