Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I cried~
I dropped my tears 2day~

the last day of attending class~
lots of memories flash back @ tiz moment
4rm the 1st day i stepped into smkss~
i was thinking" god~ i hate staying in tiz school~
wanna transfer into sum other
great school like CHS or St John School~ "
the 1st day i stepped into 6 Rajin
i was thinking " I am so lonely ! i knoe none of my classmates
why did i choose to b in history class ? "

but then, i found out tat~
when u r doin smthing with ur heart~
u ll eventually fall in love with it~
the best memory in tiz school is being part of the history class
found anger, tears n happiness here~
the days spent with friends from different ethnic taught me a lot~

a very cooperative class~
a class with very crazy friends~
notty n noisy of course~
there r times where we ll fight terribly~
but, those days r gone~
left memories 2 b cherish~

found 2 precious "ship" in tiz class
a miracle~

as 2day is the last day~
we got an idea of giving each of our teacher a photo + photo frame~

8 frames for 8 of our teachers

a closer look~

a photo with our favourite teacher~

lina, puny n me went to the teacher's room~
by lying to MUET teacher tat a teacher wanna c us~ sorry ya~

lina n puny~
on the way to teacher's room/office

so, since there r 2 of our teachers in the room~
we gt to play hide n seek to avoid tat 2 teachers from noticing us~
but i guess we failed~
so, after putting those nice frames on top of the other teachers tables,
we went back 2 class~
p/s: we haven't put the frames on the table of tat 2 teachers~

went to Pn.Rapidah(micro) room~
she is in a special room~
so, we have to ask her to close her eyes~
n then, put it on her table~
we r acting like kids rite ? =p
her face is with a smile after receiving tat~^^

after recess,
i heard from lina of the happiness of those teachers when they found those frames~
for Pn. Suraya(MUET) n Pn.Nor Aizan(PA1) ,
they said it's very lovely ! ^^ n happy 4 tat n truly suprised by us~
for En.Nasar(BM) he was shocked~
n appreciate it a lot!
he is very happy n decided to spent our class a lunch 2mr~
at any place tat we want~ such a generous teacher rite ?

bcoz of tat,
the teacher's office is noisy~
our teachers r very happy n kept on chit chatting~
i haven't mention my favourite teacher rite ?
she is Pn.Zaimuni(macro)
we decided to give it to her later~
thus, she can't find the frame when she pass by her table~
-lina said she was looking sad, disappointed

so, we put the frame on her table after recess~
secretly as she was teaching @ 6 creative B
n wit a note attached..
it is written with : teacher, we gave u tiz late(purposely)....
coz we love u the most !

n then, gave Pn.Elizar(PA2) the frame
~she ll nvr leave her table >.<>(SEJ2) juz came back 4rm history course~
so, she taught us the techniques~
n also told us sum important chapters~
last class with her~
actually, i don't really like her~
but then, at the end of the class~
her words made me cried~
her eyes were turning red while talking~
n made me unable 2 control myself~
n bcoz of me, lina dropped her tears too~
a very touching n sad moment~

heard tat our macro teacher was crying(Puny said so)
so, lina n me decided to go for a walk in the teacher's office
wondering why she is crying~
passed by her place n she stopped us~
her eyes were swollen~
seems like she wanna express sumthing~
"siapa bagi ni ?"
"kita org"
"ambil balik"
"huh ?!! O.o"
"ada tulis nama tak ?"
"ada..kat belakang photo"

n we showed her~
so, we guess the reason she cried is bcoz of us~
perhaps she is really touched by us~
i love tiz teacher a lot!
she is the best teacher tat i have nvr ever met~

didn't expect the day ended up sad
n with tears~
thought tat it ll be a fun n happy day~

i ll surely miss the days i spent in tiz school~
the best thing that i can do~
is to score in my STPM n make my teachers happy~

tmr ll be the last day(except of taking exams)
ll i drop my tears again ?

i am ending my 2ndary school life @ last~

is the sky feeling sad too ?
raining after school~
the dark sky~

rain drops hit the floor~

~nvr regret of my choice 4 taking STPM~
form 6 life is really the best !

tiz ll bcum history~
the laughters ll soon gone~
the chit chatting voices ll soon disappeared~
the sound of our footsteps ll soon vanished
miss those days a lot~

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Mun Yee said...

tats life...
there will always moments of seperating..not to b sad but cherish it...tats memorise of all of u...niway there is ways 2 keep in touch v each other after tis rite?/shud b lookin forward to path in front=)