Thursday, November 6, 2008

graduate B - la~la~la~ sIngIng~

continue 4rm yesterday~
rite after school~
went to change clothes~
all of us r wearing the class T~
@ around 2pm,
followed T's car to Jusco Cheras Selatan~
guess wat~
teacher is the one who gave us the idea of canceling lunch~
he invited us to sing in Green Box~
so, he has ad booked a room 4 us~
went there by T's mercedez~
7 gals in a car o !
6 sitting @ the backseats~
puny sat on my legs as she is de lightest~

camwhore in the car =p

n we reach there @ last~
it is 2 crowded @ the backseats till almost can't breath !

T took tiz photo 4 us~

we left T @ Green Box~
Lina, Puny n me went to get a present 4 T~
teacher is spending 2 much on us~
juz in a year~
i guess T has ad spent on us more than RM600~
bought tiz thingy~
juz a deco thingy~
a small statue~
it costs us RM64~

went in to the Green Box after tat~
it's my 2nd time of coming to such places~
the 1st time is on last year(countdown new year)

got myself a dragon fruit drink aka smooties~

n sum junk food~
cause i m starving !
so do others~

T got us the biggest room~
with 3 mics~
n the atmosphere in there is quite nice~

teacher started to sing~

while listening to T's singing~
camwhore with lina =p

the guys came later~
they were coming with motorcycle~
since all of us r hungry~
the guys r doing the delivery service =p
T spent us 4 that too~
Pizza Delivery 4rm Pizza Hut~
tat's hawaiian chicken~
we ordered 4 pizzas~
~munch~ munch~ munch~
n i ate 3 pieces~ very full indeed !

continued wif our singing~
tat's Fina~

Lucia n me~
she knows Eng songs a lot~
tiz is wat happens when i asked Bob 2 take a pic of us~
where is he focusing ?

blur pic~

with sum of the guys~
n T was behind there~

sum random pic taken by me~
the 1st person~ Bob~
with his new haircut~

duet~ T n Fina~

tiz T is really very "young" ~
he can b crazy juz like us~
n having fun with us~

pic taking again~

lina is nt looking @ the cam~

take 2 :
better ?
but Puny is nt smiling~

camwhore wif puny~
huh~ why is lina in the pic too ?!

aha~ now there r only 2 of us~ =)
2 of us again~ but tiz pic is kinda dark~

Lina n me with the mic~

so, since none of them know chinese~
our focusing is only on Malay n English songs~
i knew only a few Malay songs~
4 Eng songs~
sum, songs doesn't have lyrics~ arghh!

a pic with T be4 going home~
we ll surely miss u T~

handing the present n card to T~
4rm 4 of us~

n of course,
the day can't b ended without a group photo~
thanks 4 the gal who helped us~^^
n it is a photo of us again~
but i think tiz is the best~
as the colour of the pic is nicer =p
n lastly~
a photo wif Fina~
T sent us home~
thanks a lot T~
for such a great day !
after STPM, hope u ll join us 4 our class farewell~

ll nt meet my classmates anymore till 18 nov~
18 nov~
a day where i ll start dying~ touch wood !!!!!


Mun Yee said...

wah so good...all of u r close v ur teacher...
even go sing k v them...
so envy

chocz-dreamland said...

only tiz teacher^^
he is very open minded n
has a "young mind" =)

Siva said...

En Nasar is ur CLASS TEACHER!!??


chocz-dreamland said...

huh~ nope~
he is juz my BM teacher~ ^^