Sunday, November 16, 2008

de samE ting~

spent sat morning at Mcd again~
but tiz time~
with more frenz around~
Lina, Prisha, Des, Happy Fruit, YLin, YSun~
I did my revision with Lina~
which is History again~
trying my best to memorize those facts~
i must score an A for my history~
but it is killing me now......

sum pic after revision~
still manage to smile huh ?~

lunch @ a "mamak" with Lina n Prisha~
tat's "nasi goreng kampung"
nt bad~ mayb i was too hungry~
oh ya~ did u realise smthg~
when u kept on studying, u ll feel hungry easily ?
n i hate tiz~
cause when i keep on eating~
i ll gain weight !!!! =.=

both of them posing~

tat's all~

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