Wednesday, November 5, 2008


as i hav mentioned~
was sad yesterday~

@ nite~
had a suprise~
dad bought me CHOCZ~ kekeke~
so nice~
my favourite~
dad is the reason tat makes me gaining fats >.<"" didn't expect him to buy lor~ i did ask him to do so~ but didn't expect him to take it seriously~ =p THANKS~ there goes~ the "tin" shape is very cute 4 me~ ^^
tiz chocz is from Australia~
the brand : Paton's
~macademia nuts covered in rich chocz~
3 different types of chocz -
which is : dark chocz, white chocz n milk chocz
i prefer the dark chocz~

those chocz~
the dark chocz is too dark n u can't c it~ >.<

next, my favourite brand~ =p LINDT ~swiss thins
i recommended tiz be4 in my previous blog~
the green packaging dark chocz is containing 75% of cocoa~
which is quite bitter !
but then, i LOVE it~ ^^
the best choice 4 those who likes dark chocz~
must try it !

tiz is a very common brand~
cadbury~ (p/s : melamine !!! =.=)
tiz is nt 4rm Msia~
it's 4rm Australia too~
dark chocz with rum n raisins
dad said it contains alcohol~ but i don't think so....
cadbury nvr fails to "gain" my heart
it is also a very nice chocz~ ^^

tat's all~
brought sum of these chocz 2 share wit my frenz 2day~
coz~ by eating alone~
i ll b overweight !!!

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