Wednesday, November 12, 2008


it was almost 1am~
n guess who r in tiz chatbox ?
upper 6 students~
who r going 2 face exam next week~
releasing stress ???
lol~ no idea~
i left the chatroom very soon~
too complicated in there~

took a nap tiz noon~
i had a bad dream !!!!
i dreamed about STPM~
i dreamed tat i can't answer the paper~
can't really remember wat subject it is~
i think it is econs n GP~
i was very panic~
n can't write a single word~
blank minded~
n almost cry~
really scares me off~
god bless me~
i am really worry~
i m really scare~
it's my 1st time to have such dream~

1 comment:

Unnamed said...

Haha...hav some confidence in urself...ur making urself too yarhs ^^