Sunday, November 16, 2008

tIps ???

received 3 same sms~

the contents :

08 PA BhgB-Alam sekitar, p'makanan, biotek, p'tanian organik, makanan suplemen
BhgC-Rkun neg, rasuah, kad kredit
BhgD-graf garis n carta
pls send to other friends

PA=Pengajian Am=General Paper

believe it ????
i didn't forward de message 2 others~
i guess all my frenz ad gt tat sms~
anyway, thanks 2 my frenz who forward it 2 me~
(KXin, YBin, Lina)
don't really believe it~
besides, it is nt specific~
but, take it as an extra info~ ll nt hurt u~

made me recall smthg~
during SPM~
there's also a similar sms
regarding to "dunno which subject" - forgotten^^

is tiz smthg gd or bad ????
if it is fake~
it is really wasting other ppl's money~
hmmm~ whatever~

the end of tiz post~
have to date with my History book again~

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