Wednesday, November 26, 2008

half dead~

hmm~ half dead~
ya~ i really mean that~
life is like living in hell now~
but then, a bit better~
at least, i can still sleep, eat, talk, bath.....
>.<"aiks~ i nvr visit hell be4~ how am i suppose 2 knoe i m living better than there ?
wat am i talking about~
arghh~ forget it~
turning a bit crazy now~ =o

okie~ i didn't blog yesterday~
cause i was damn STRESSSSSSSsssssss......
had my BM paper 2 on tues~ which is Ok i guess~
n 2day~ a life taking day~
(okay~ i might b exaggerating = p )
just~ my heart almost jump out 4rm my mouth~
hmm~ y mouth ar ? cause i can't breath~ =.=
history paper 2 in de morning~
which is msia n asia history~
kinda tough~ cause what i focus didn't cum out~
hmm~ but then , i still managed to ans it-remember sum~
ad tried my best~

in de noon~ micro paper~
which is run out of TIME~
it is consider as kinda easy~
but why am i lacking of time ???!!!
i managed to finish the objective parts very soon~
but then, the quantitative ques took me quite sum time~
in de end....
i didn't really have time on my essay ques~
did all~ but i guess sum ans are not complete~
>.<" feels like crying~
but i didn't laa~
no mood 4 it~ ad numb towards tat kind of feeling~
it's over~ shouldn't think so much about it~
just~ a bad feeling~
cause~ it's easy~ n i know how to ans~
but my time management is bad~

stpm~ u r really taking my life~
but i ll still fight with u till de end~
n try my best to b the winner ^^


CLF said...

hahah, I can understand your feelings when doing the papers. same thing happened to me during my turn.

well don't be so sad la, what's done is done.
you should be happy, look forward for next week when you can live in paradise again. :D

chocz-dreamland said...

yeah~ looking forward to my freedom~ ^^