Wednesday, May 25, 2011

buenos aires


23 hours of flight!!!!
7 days in Buenos Aires, Argentina =)
a half day city tour, a half day Tigre tour n coming up->Tango show tonite^^
I love this place!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

21st-3rd bash =D

a dinner with the old scout gang~
Gasoline at The Mines.....
a super duper bad venue~ the food sucks!!!!
swear I ll nvr ever order any food from there anymore...
had a great time as they are a bunch of lovely n crazee scouts~^^
miss em a lot!
seldom catch up with them ever since I am studying in forest....

we played a few games that nite~
ended up with some lame punishments...(>.<)
kissing~ *muack muack*

n here comes my birthday cake^^
with an adorable candle~
thanks a lot to Ong as the planner~ muax~
thanks u guys~ XOXO

my belated 21st^^

guys of the gang~

gals of the gang~

group picture~ not everyone make it for the night~some are busy for the final examinations~
cherish our friendship~


posing with the creator of my birthday card^^
thanks a lot !!!
it's lovely~

watching a recorded video from Vivien~ aww~~~~~ lovely!!!!
can I have it? pls send it to me^^

hanged out with the gang till 2.30am~ had a great time~
they chatted about rovering activities which I missed out....
hope that I can join most of their activities in this super long holiday^^

Monday, May 23, 2011

library oh library =D

been yearning to visit it ever since I knew about it at the Curve^^

well~ it's a super duper good news to me as Library has a branch in Puchong....which is very near to my house^^
right after I gt down from the plane... headed home n...*puff* I am at the Library-noisiest library in town!=)

this is the start of my holiday~~~~weeeee~~~~~~~~

my bunch of friends were playing games when I reached there... they were there an hour ago...
basically, I just sat there, had a glass of drink n enjoyed my sweet time looking at them playing the games...^^
was too tired to move...hehez...slept for 3 hours only for the day...(>.<)


vicky n heiddy~


I guess I love pub more than club^^
it's much more peaceful~~~
at least I dun have to shout when I wanna talk~~~~

Vicky's messy hair behind me...hehez

had a great 1 hour+ with em although I am not really into their games...
I love KL.... glad that I am back to town^^


gals of the nite~


my babe (n_n)

home at 2am~
some of them headed to dimsum as supper...
I am too tired to join
+ I wanna be a "cinderella" XD

gt my birthday pressie from Vicky, Ling, PY n CY
love it so much~ lovely~~~ hearts u gals^^

super creative n nice handmade card by Ling...
she sent it to my house by post~ =)

I love Library^^

Saturday, May 21, 2011

21st 2nd bash~

a surprise birthday party from my dear gang
~doudecim cor^^
main planner will be Bel n Da if I am nt wrong~
hearts both of u~

rite after criminal exam~ rested for a 2 hours nap and we headed to alor setar
dresses up!
I am looking normal at last...
the gals, Da, Bel, Yinn n MJ lied... saying that no one is free and everyone is tired thus they are the only one bringing me out to have a dinner~ to relax our almost dead brain n a late celebration for me^^
we ended up at Rock cafe....
n tada ~~~~
surprise ! the others show up out of nowhere in a sudden^^
awww....muax muax~
all of them~
12 of them show up =)
n they sang me a birthday song
with a cake coming from my back......
I was busy looking at them singing the birthday song and didn't realise who was holding the cake!
I even said thank you when the cake is in front of me....
it took me a second to think and turn my back....

it's my BABE !!!! OMGosh....
he lied.... told me that he is going for bb session=.=
I am damn surprise n happy~
nvr ever expect something so sweet will happen in my 21st birthday^^
I love u guys n babe~

RT Pastry cake all the way from KL.....huhu =D

it was a great n memorable nite~

the guys^^ babe merged well with my gang ^^

my pretty dears =)

n I got a super cute birthday card from them!
made n designed my Allen~~~
angry bird!!!!!

a customized necklace from babe^^muax~

a 18SX pic~ =p
really thanks n touched for what u have did~
travelling so far just for me^^

another surprise, for Desarine
her birthday falls in June and we had an early celebration for her^^
special pudding "cake" since she dislike cake^^

2 birthday gals^^

my 21st in Kedah^^
appreciate u guys~~~~~
happiest nite in Kedah!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

21st part 1

the day I have been waiting came at last !!!!!
the end of semester 4 final examination and 3 months apart from forest!!!!!
just tidied my room and packed my stuffs~~~
*sneezing due to the dust*

I am free to blog about my 21st birthday at last=)
this semester final is indeed super stress~
I cried almost every day (>.<)
6 law papers in 10 days is indeed suffering !!!!
3 hours of sleepness the day before a paper n cannot sleep well~
anyway, forget bout it now
time for me to relax, have fun n sleep as much as I can !!!!

my 21st pendant^^
back to my 21st~
it falls on the day before criminal paper
so, it is basically a very ordinary day where I spent most of the time memorizing cases.....
n replying birthday wishes^^

as I have mentioned before,
had a suprise from sweet unimates~
they "broke in" my room at 12am and whispered a birthday song//.....
touched !!! *teary teary eyes~~~~~~
they stayed in my room for about 15 minutes and I received 21 kisses from them~

I seldom camwhore during this exam period
here goes ~~~ with a smile since I am officially 21st~ kekez~

gifts from Ivy sis n Mummy MJ
lovely rite?
sweets to cheer me up^^
angry bird card n spaghetti top from Ivy~

n before the clock strikes 12 to 15th of May....which is the end of my birthday~
roommate gave me a suprise !!!!
so sweet of her~~~~~
she kept this thingy in her cupboard before she went home and asked me to check it out hours later~~~~
21 sweets, my fav milky, keychain and a handmade card^^

end of part one~ love u guys so much~
for giving me a sweet 21st in forest^^
hearts u gals alot~~~~

Monday, May 16, 2011


a super duper surprise birthday celebration from coursemates and babe on 15th nite^^
ll blog bout it after this last paper~
gambateh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


f****** hate exam~~~~~
SPV!!!!!! pls remember these damn cases~~~~~~~~

rape, unnatural sexual offences, wrongful restrain, wrongful confinement, kidnapping, theft, extortion,robbery, criminal misappropriation property, criminal breach of trust, cheating, stolen property

21 kisses

spending my birthday 1st time away from home
a 21st birthday which I need to date with criminal cases
a stressful birthday~

thanks to my dear unimates(gals) that "broke in" my room n whispered a birthday song(roommate was sleeping) to me
n of course 21 kisses from all of em(favour of babe)
sweetest wishes^^ I am touched!
p/s:they have an exam tomorrow noon and we have criminal paper on 15th morning

birthday song from babe n bros~
skype with babe for a while~

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a pressie

big day coming soon,
a pressie I got for myself when I went out for a dinner with coursemates
useful and remind myself to tc of my stuffs^^
hope that this moo moo pendrive can stay with me forever
must not lose it !!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


seriously, I m worrying~~~T.T
so much to memorize......T.T
gonna have a tough 2 weeks

Monday, May 2, 2011

3 weeks

3 weeks to go
n I will be out of this forest !!!
had a lovely weekend at home and hometown-muar
spent a day with him
2 days with family

time to settle down and start to "pia cek" (hokkien)
gd luck to myself !!!!

p/s Prince William n Kate's wed... super romantic n lovely...awwwww.....