Tuesday, May 24, 2011

21st-3rd bash =D

a dinner with the old scout gang~
Gasoline at The Mines.....
a super duper bad venue~ the food sucks!!!!
swear I ll nvr ever order any food from there anymore...
had a great time as they are a bunch of lovely n crazee scouts~^^
miss em a lot!
seldom catch up with them ever since I am studying in forest....

we played a few games that nite~
ended up with some lame punishments...(>.<)
kissing~ *muack muack*

n here comes my birthday cake^^
with an adorable candle~
thanks a lot to Ong as the planner~ muax~
thanks u guys~ XOXO

my belated 21st^^

guys of the gang~

gals of the gang~

group picture~ not everyone make it for the night~some are busy for the final examinations~
cherish our friendship~


posing with the creator of my birthday card^^
thanks a lot !!!
it's lovely~

watching a recorded video from Vivien~ aww~~~~~ lovely!!!!
can I have it? pls send it to me^^

hanged out with the gang till 2.30am~ had a great time~
they chatted about rovering activities which I missed out....
hope that I can join most of their activities in this super long holiday^^

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daphne said...

You should have bluetoothed it the other day. nowadays, ppl very busy