Monday, May 23, 2011

library oh library =D

been yearning to visit it ever since I knew about it at the Curve^^

well~ it's a super duper good news to me as Library has a branch in Puchong....which is very near to my house^^
right after I gt down from the plane... headed home n...*puff* I am at the Library-noisiest library in town!=)

this is the start of my holiday~~~~weeeee~~~~~~~~

my bunch of friends were playing games when I reached there... they were there an hour ago...
basically, I just sat there, had a glass of drink n enjoyed my sweet time looking at them playing the games...^^
was too tired to move...hehez...slept for 3 hours only for the day...(>.<)


vicky n heiddy~


I guess I love pub more than club^^
it's much more peaceful~~~
at least I dun have to shout when I wanna talk~~~~

Vicky's messy hair behind me...hehez

had a great 1 hour+ with em although I am not really into their games...
I love KL.... glad that I am back to town^^


gals of the nite~


my babe (n_n)

home at 2am~
some of them headed to dimsum as supper...
I am too tired to join
+ I wanna be a "cinderella" XD

gt my birthday pressie from Vicky, Ling, PY n CY
love it so much~ lovely~~~ hearts u gals^^

super creative n nice handmade card by Ling...
she sent it to my house by post~ =)

I love Library^^

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