Saturday, May 21, 2011

21st 2nd bash~

a surprise birthday party from my dear gang
~doudecim cor^^
main planner will be Bel n Da if I am nt wrong~
hearts both of u~

rite after criminal exam~ rested for a 2 hours nap and we headed to alor setar
dresses up!
I am looking normal at last...
the gals, Da, Bel, Yinn n MJ lied... saying that no one is free and everyone is tired thus they are the only one bringing me out to have a dinner~ to relax our almost dead brain n a late celebration for me^^
we ended up at Rock cafe....
n tada ~~~~
surprise ! the others show up out of nowhere in a sudden^^
awww....muax muax~
all of them~
12 of them show up =)
n they sang me a birthday song
with a cake coming from my back......
I was busy looking at them singing the birthday song and didn't realise who was holding the cake!
I even said thank you when the cake is in front of me....
it took me a second to think and turn my back....

it's my BABE !!!! OMGosh....
he lied.... told me that he is going for bb session=.=
I am damn surprise n happy~
nvr ever expect something so sweet will happen in my 21st birthday^^
I love u guys n babe~

RT Pastry cake all the way from KL.....huhu =D

it was a great n memorable nite~

the guys^^ babe merged well with my gang ^^

my pretty dears =)

n I got a super cute birthday card from them!
made n designed my Allen~~~
angry bird!!!!!

a customized necklace from babe^^muax~

a 18SX pic~ =p
really thanks n touched for what u have did~
travelling so far just for me^^

another surprise, for Desarine
her birthday falls in June and we had an early celebration for her^^
special pudding "cake" since she dislike cake^^

2 birthday gals^^

my 21st in Kedah^^
appreciate u guys~~~~~
happiest nite in Kedah!

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daphne said...

You 18sx pic a lil bit too dark. LOL